Watch Sam Eat

Time for a little eating update. My family is going to watch the boys this weekend (longest stretch I’ve ever been away from them! Meeting my dad and Krysta in Sioux Falls and they’re watching boys in F-town while Adam and I stay in Omaha) and I put together a few “instructional videos” for their pleasure 😉 Okay, maybe not pleasure, but to reference. Here are a few of the videos! Sam is drinking out of a Nosie now… pretty cool!

In other feeding news, today Adam and I met with the outpatient doctor and our outpatient therapist. We’ve been less than thrilled with how things are going. While Sam is doing awesome, it feels like we are getting nowhere in advancement. While I understand data is very important to them, to us, it’s important to push Sam. We don’t want him eating pureed food forever, or never using a spoon! I won’t bore you with the details, but I think both Adam and I feel a little better about everything now.

Oh, and here are the instruction sheets for taking care of the boys. Thought you’d like to see what is involved in taking care of them 😉 P.S. I am so glad I have this blog. In 15 years, when they both are screaming “I hate you!” at me… I’m going to say, “Go read my blog from your first year of life. Tell me if you still feel the same.”

Daily Schedule

Mixture instructions and amounts

Protocol for Feeding Sam

my typical schedule

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  1. Stef says:

    Yea Trish, you totally rock. You and Adam. Way to go. 🙂 If they need any help this weekend with anything we’d love to come visit. Where did you decide to go anyway?
    Kate and I might want to come visit again next week if all is well and it works out AND you WANT us to… TTYL 🙂

  2. Trish says:

    Hey Stef! Actually, the Oyos fam is watching the kiddos this weekend! Adam has a huge test he is studying for, and I will be using my time for super fun stuff, like cleaning and organizing! 😉 Hopefully we will have a trip together at the end of this month.
    We would love to see you next week!

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