Diet Changes!

For the boys, not me 😉  (side note… my diet will never change. Cereal is 90% and the other 10% is an attempt to be healthy)

Jack– the pediatrician said we can change to whole milk! He actually told us we could switch to whole milk at his 12-month appointment, but we decided to wait until their due date to make the big switch. Jack’s still so small for his age, we’d like him to have the extra calories.

Sam– today at his GI appointment, we got the go-ahead to “challenge” with Pediasure! This is big kid formula, basically, and is 30 calories per ounce. Sam’s current formula is only 28 calories per ounce, so this is good news too, because we can get more bang for our buck! (literally… that stuff is expensive) We will start with giving Sam ONE ounce per day… mixed with his current formula. After three days, go up to two ounces per day, and so on, until we’ve met Sam’s current intake of ~28oz/day.

I have to tell this story… When checking Sam in for his appointment today, I saw the same receptionist we usually do (GI is in the same unit as general surgery and neurology). I asked her “Does anyone come as often as we do?” She laughed and said, “Umm… no!” We love Children’s, and I think they love us just as much. We keep ’em busy!

The boys also got another Synagis dose today. So with two appointments, the boys are a little tired. We were supposed to have a third, but I rescheduled because it just got to be too much. And it was just a haircut for me, so I can wait.

Keeping one crawler and one super-sitter occupied was quite the adventure…


Fun at the park!
Sam... getting so close to taking his first "crawl"!
Another day, another park...
Brotherly love 🙂
New crawl tunnel we got them for Christmas... Jack LOVES this thing!
Park! Very relaxed...
They are so cute! 🙂

I have never posted pictures of their room… Here it is! It’s usually pretty dark in there; I keep the curtains closed because the only time they are in there is either naptime or bedtime.

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  1. Grandma Laurie says:

    The video of Jack playing with the Dr’s chair is PRICELESS. Did you see Sam kicking the chair too? I love those boys! They always make me smile.

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