Closing Down Summer 2014

I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing time we had up north this summer. Over two weeks of family, friends, fun…. I look forward to this every year, and am so lucky that I can take advantage of this as a SAHM.

The pictures speak for themselves, but here is a summary of our time at home:

  • FARGO– Oyos family time, lots of friends and playdates, outside nonstop, and a blast with all the dogs.
  • LAKES– Stibbe family time, boat rides at least twice a day, first time swimming in a lake, ate at Zorbaz twice, and had fun in Dent, MN.
  • WEDDING– Our good friend Tyler got married to his wonderful bride Amber. The Fargo crew reunited and partied like old times. We never miss a beat when we get together. Lifelong friends! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and our time without the boys meant staying out way too late and sleeping in 🙂

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