August 2014

How is it already Labor Day weekend? Summer had officially come to an end, the twins are back in preschool, and I wore a sweatshirt yesterday. It has been raining every day for almost a week and I am over summer… Give me football season, pot lucks, and pumpkin-everything!

Eli’s Monthly Picture cracks me up… He absolutely would NOT stand still for a picture against the wall. See the collage below of our fails attempts.
Eli 22 months

Sam 45 months

Jack 45 months

Eli attempts

Sam and Jack are back in preschool at the YMCA. We absolutely LOVE it there. They are going 3x/week and look forward to going every day. Eli will start the Terrific 2’s class once he turns two (October 9th!) and let’s just say I’m a little excited for that day 😉

Sam 1st day preschool 2014

Jack 1st day preschool 2014

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