March 2014

Biggest accomplishment this month: Sam is 100% day-time potty trained! To say that we are shocked with how quickly and how well he is potty trained is an understatement. So proud of this stinker!!!

Sam is also starting to eat more food– type and quantity. The other day at lunch he ate 1/2 a piece of toast! He also has started asking for milk and smoothies, and I am more than happy to oblige. His vocabulary is also growing, and it’s incredible to me that he speaks just like a typical 3-year-old. A few months ago the kid wasn’t speaking in 4-word sentences; we’ve come a long way!

Eli is constantly shocking and amazing us– I can’t get over how adventurous and fearless this little boy is! He is full energy 24/7, and the only time he’s happy to be sitting is if he’s eating. For those of you that don’t see the boys in person often, here is how differently he is built than the twins: Sam and Jack hover between 29-30 lbs. Eli is 28.5 lbs. Sam and Jack just grew out of 2T tops… Eli wears only 24month or 2T tops. They can all wear 24month or 2T bottoms, but they are just a little too short for the twins and a little too long for Eli. I’ve been asked twice in the last two weeks if they were triplets (granted, it was the only time I’ve dressed them in matching coats and both people only saw them from behind). Eli is still quite a bit shorter than Sam and Jack, but in a few years they will definitely all be the same size! Eli has taken on the majority of the Oyos genes, while S & J not only look exactly like Adam, they will always be thin like him too! 🙂

Jack is still impressing his teachers at preschool– he is far above most other 3-year-olds, and ready for some new challenges. I just ordered a program to help him start reading and I can’t wait to begin. He’s also starting to tell elaborate stories and I love seeing his little (big!) imagination at work. Jack loves to play the role of Big Brother with Eli and tell me when Eli needs to nap/eat/go away (ha!). When we work with Sam on eating Jack is the first one to encourage him. He’s going through a rough stage right now with temper tantrums, but don’t all 3-year-olds? The slightest thing will set him off and just send him into an all out meltdown. Luckily we can rationalize with him pretty easily and most of the meltdowns are at home so we don’t have to deal with them in public.

A few weeks ago we made the long trip North to visit Fargo. We had a blast, but it took the boys a few days to adjust back to normal life where they weren’t given attention 100% of the time! Every time we go back home I’m shocked with how much our hometown has changed. We stayed busy seeing extended family and friends, going out on a few date nights, and playing with the newest additions to the Oyos/Kelly family– Remy and Gabby! It was also Sam’s first theater movie (The LEGO Movie– Jack saw Frozen with my sister) and they loved it! Jack ate his weight in popcorn, and Sam went “potty” four times, but we had a great time.






Sam 40 months
Jack 40 months
Eli 17 months

Adam is staying super busy with work and is on call more often than not, but when he’s home he is such a great partner and loves playing with the boys. For my birthday, he surprised me with a beautiful dress and necklace from Banana Republic and ‘bundtinis’ from Nothing Bundt Cakes. We went out with a group of friends to watch the Bison game, and while they lost, I am so incredibly proud of them!

I’ve been staying busy volunteering for the March of Dimes, and if you’d like, you can donate to our team here 🙂

Sam coffee 40


trio 40

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