April 2014

I can’t believe it’s already Easter week! Time goes way too fast when you have little beings to raise, and I want so desperately to hold onto these precious moments we have with them.
Every month they continue to amaze me with how much they learn, say, and interact with others. They also stress me out more every month– the twins by becoming more sassy, more independent, and more stubborn; Eli by becoming an even bigger terror than the previous month, and getting smarter by the second. The kid knows his colors already and likes to do puzzles (Sam still hates puzzles).
We are as busy as ever with preschool, swimming lessons (they’re obsessed), playdates, playing with our awesome neighbors, and watching Frozen for the 255th time. When Adam’s schedule allows, we also try to get to as many Creighton baseball games as we can. The twins, mainly Jack, are starting to actually like watching baseball. Eli likes the popcorn and lemonade, and perfecting his ability to drive me insane in less than 3 minutes.
Eli 18 months
Jack 41 months
Sam 41 months
Oh yeah, the twins are finally in “big boy beds” (toddler beds). We are very impressed with how well they are doing– Sam is by far the naughtiest (no surprise there), but for the most part they still go to bed at the same time they used to. Sam is getting up earlier than usual because he has to use the potty, and he is not quiet about doing so– half the time we can usually shut the doors quick enough so the other two stay sleeping, but the other half of our mornings start off as a complete disaster. Eli and Jack do NOT enjoy being woken up.
typical night

what a night with 3 boys is like...
what a night with 3 boys is like…
goofy sam
goofy sam
big boy beds
big boy beds
bath cuties
bath cuties

baseball night
baseball night

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  1. Carol says:

    These pictures made my day today! I can’t believe how the boys are growing up, and I love reading how they are bringing such joy and happiness (along with a bit of chaos) to your lives! Thinking of you and wishing you all a blessed Easter! Love to everyone…Carol & Elton

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