My 3 Boys

Recently, it is becoming more and more apparent that my little boys are becoming kids. When they were preemies, I always said I wanted nothing more than for them to get older (when other parents were saying they wanted time to stand still). However, I now understand what those other parents meant– it is making me sad to see them get so big! It also makes me incredibly proud, and hopeful, of the years to come.

Sam has made some incredible strides lately– dare I jinx us, but he is 99% day-time potty trained! He still wears a pull-up to nap, and a diaper to bed… But otherwise underwear! And just this morning we hit a new milestone– he pooped in the potty! He usually poops in his diaper the first thing in the morning, so I was thinking he would never get to this point. Of course, Sam had to prove me wrong again 🙂 I will happily lose that battle!

He is also getting better with eating. We had a few weeks where Adam and I were both freaking out that he was at a stalemate, and even getting worse. Sam would just flat-out refuse to take any bites, even when we bribed him. Then I left for a weekend, came back, and Sam was taking at least 5 bites of food at every meal. Toast, chicken, pasta, even broccoli. He still eats yogurt, applesauce, and oatmeal like a champ, so it’s just a waiting game right now.

Jack is perhaps the sweetest, yet most emotional little boy I’ve ever met. He loves his brothers, love his family, and is the best little helper. He’s always concerned about where his brothers are, when Daddy will get home, when we’ll see Mema and Pepa again, and what he can do to help. When Eli is flipping out over getting his diaper changed (nothing new there), Jack is immediately over to “tickle” Eli and get me more wipes if needed. He’ll the proceed to tell me “Mommy, Eli is so naughty. Just diaper change,” as if it’s the silliest thing in the world. Agreed, Jack!

Both Jack and Sam absolutely LOVE swimming. Love it. They ask to go swimming every day, and are absolutely enamored with the pool. Swimming lessons are once a week, and now that they swim with just teachers, Adam and I can watch. It has been so fun seeing their little personalities emerge in the pool. Jack is just as goofy in the water as he is at home, and his shyness seems to dissipate in the locker room. Sam is a natural swimmer, and kicks and strokes his arms like a much older kid. He’s gotten in trouble a few times with going into the water when it wasn’t his turn, and I have to laugh.

Eli is such a toddler. My sweet, adorable, smily little baby has become a daredevil, maniac, naughty little boy. To be frankly honest, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I know this is normal, and I embrace it. For all the frustration he gives us, for all the tantrums, yelling, and climbing, I know he is a TYPICAL little boy and I don’t take one second for granted.

While I give Eli a hard time, he is also so, so sweet. His big blue eyes are never happier than when he sees his mommy (melts my heart), and he still likes to cuddle. Maybe no longer than 45 seconds, but I’ll take it. He has never been too interested in toys, and continues to play with just about everything he’s not supposed to– chairs, furniture, lamps, etc.

It always amazes me that I’m the mother of 3 boys. I had no idea what to do with a boy… and now I have three. But I love it. They are all so different, and so much fun. Most days I feel like I’m going to lose my mind with three kids 3 and under, but it’s the life I was meant to have.


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