Twins 3 years + 2 months

Jack 38 months Sam 38 months

My twins…
Jack, you have become so, so sweet lately. You are always there to help when I need it, and look after your brothers. In the past few months, you have take on the role of Big Brother and do such a good job. Some of my favorites:
*Sam, go potty! You can potty, Sam!
*Good job Sam! Mommy, Sam pottied!
*Hi Mommy. Love you Mommy.
*Hey Eli/Sam, why’d you do that?
*Mommy, good job. Good job, Mommy (said as I was changing Eli’s diaper last night)
*Sam, are you okay? (during a Sam coughing/vomiting episode)

Sam, your potty training stories will be a blog post itself. Your stubbornness, hot-headedness, and all around “Sam-isms” have caused a lot of stress lately. Right now you are learning and processing so much, and I think you’re a little overwhelmed. You’ve just become too good at things! You’re eating more (even at school), going down slides, talking more and more, and now we threw potty training into the mix– your charm can win anyone over though, and 50% of the time you act out I have to walk away laughing or bury my face in my hands so you don’t see me laughing.


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