Eli 15 months

Eli 15 monthsEli–

There are times I am convinced you are harder to deal with than the older two boys combined. Then I have to remember you are a “typical” and “normal” 15-month-old and you will absolutely climb the toilet, jump from the couch, stand on the table, and throw crap into and out of the bathtub. You’re ridiculously tough, and live to find the next thing you can destroy. Lately, you have had some pretty decent temper tantrums, and rather than calm you down, I let you have your freak out, finish, and then come do something else. (Jack and Sam absolutely hate this– they look at me like I’m a horrible mother for letting you cry so hard)

You are starting to say more words– we now have Up, Down, Light (“ight”), Cheese (“chee”), Bye, along with Mama and Dada.

You are afraid of no one, and love to walk around and greet people with your adorable little wave. People are so drawn to you because you never stop smiling (those chubby cheeks and blue eyes don’t hurt either!). However, the second we walk into the childcare center at the YMCA, you lose your mind and start sobbing. I run out of there and to my workout class– I always ask how long it took for you to calm down (less than a minute). You totally play me.

Love you little linebacker!

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