Christmas 2013

Christmas this year will be quite different. Away from our families, I am trying to muster the energy to pull of a Christmas for these kids that they will love and enjoy.

Peggy visited us this weekend and we had an early Christmas with the Oyos’ via FaceTime. Later, we opened up gifts from the Stibbes. The boys (and us) were spoiled beyond comprehension. The amount of books, movies, puzzles, and toys these kids got would make it appear that we have about 10 children. We are so blessed to have such amazing grandparents and aunt/uncles for these kiddos.

Adam is working this week, so we will be in Omaha. Have I told you how much I hate residency? He will work tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and HOPEFULLY be home by 4:30 so we can open gifts. Christmas Day he is on call, so he will get to spend Christmas at Creighton-Alegent Hospital.

He is going to attempt to come home over lunch so we can do a fun brunch together and watch the boys open presents from us. I called Santa and asked him if he could swing by the Stibbe house during nap tomorrow since Daddy won’t be able to see the kids open presents Christmas morning. I’m hoping Santa pulls through! 🙂

After we open Santa gifts, we will be heading over to the Miles’ house (aka the triplet’s house!). We are so lucky to have great friends like them. They invited us over for Christmas Eve dinner, and the boys are so excited to see the girls.

Christmas Day the boys and I are going to relax and watch as many movies as humanly possible before nap. I fully intend to do nothing but sit on the couch with them curled up in their Cars and Spiderman sleeping bags. After nap, we are heading to Lincoln, NE to see my aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandma! It will be so nice to see family on Christmas Day.

I won’t lie– being away from our parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings, etc on Christmas is horrible. I miss everyone, and I especially hate that we won’t be able to see our childhood friends that we only see once a year.

Martha Stewart I am not. That lies in my Aunt Nancy and Aunt Carol. I have managed to make ONE batch of cookies, and am going to try to make a second batch before tomorrow morning. The gifts for the kids aren’t wrapped yet, and our tree only has a few ornaments on it.

But still… I love Christmas. I love what it means. I love that Jack is super excited when we read about Baby Jesus and that Sam is obsessed with Frosty the Snowman.

It may not be the Christmas of my dreams, but it is still OUR Christmas. Seeing the joy on the twins’ faces when I tell them that Santa is going to come tomorrow is priceless. Listening to them sing Frosty the Snowman warms my heart. And thinking about Jack crying (sobbing) onstage at his Christmas program makes me giggle. The memories we are creating right now are worth more than any present.

Here is a video of our early Christmas yesterday… Disclaimer: Jack was quite naughty… just as a typical 3-year-old should be.

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