Sam-isms in Sam Land

“No Daddy, don’t. Don’t. Timeout Daddy.”
—this happened one night while Adam was helping Sam ride the Y-bike. It was complete with Sam shaking and pointing his finger at Adam and directing him to the timeout spot. I started laughing so hard I had to walk away. He was absolutely furious that Adam wasn’t moving toys out of the way fast enough.

“Mommy, I naughty.”
—happens often. Today, it happened after I walked in on him ripping up all of the stickers Jack was putting on his paper.

“Excuse me, wall.” “Excuse me, ball.” “Excuse me, blankie.”
—I don’t think Sam quite grasps the concept that the wall/ball/blankie/etc is NOT moving.

“My turn!”
—Jack had a dress rehearsal for his Christmas program at preschool yesterday. Sam’s Terrific 2’s and 3’s class was the audience. Well, Jack had a meltdown and started sobbing onstage, so Sam lept up from the audience and shouted “My turn!”

“I’m dancing!”
—this is uttered at least 10 times a day, followed by Sam prancing (yes, prancing… not running) into the kitchen to watch himself dance in front of the oven and dishwasher. If you have ever seen him do this, you will have had your day made. He is obsessed with watching himself in mirrors.

For a kid that we weren’t sure would ever walk/talk/communicate, he has turned into the most hilarious of children. He has his own version of fun, and is far and away the most independent of the three boys.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. heather says:

    Love-love-love that kid….well all of your kids actually 🙂

    1. stibbefam says:

      We love YOU! We need to see you soon!

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