Eli 14 months

Eli 14 months

Eli 14 months collage

This boy… This boy is 110% BOY. While the twins have never been too into sports, this kid is never happier than when he’s holding or throwing a ball. He eats like a garbage disposal, is always messy, and loves to irritate the dog. He also loves to irritate his brothers 😉 Jumping is a new favorite– we have a trampoline and he loves to get on there and jump.

Eli has also become quite a toddler… Loves to have tantrums at the most horrible moments (in public) and has started to hit.

I cannot believe how seamlessly he has fit into our lives. When I was pregnant with Eli, I was so, so nervous about how he would fit in with his brothers. It’s not just “the twins and Eli,” it’s “the team.” I love these boys.

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