Twins 3 years + 1 month

Sam 37 months

Jack 37 months

For some reason, this past month has been super emotional. I have seen my little boys become 3 year olds, and watched them become incredible little beings.
The boys I didn’t think would be mine for long have grown to be the happiest, orneriest, most amazing twin brothers.
Watching them interact with each other, with Eli, with us… It is so awesome. A year ago at this time I was still so nervous that they would never catch up to their peers. Now the only thing that separates them is their height (still in the < 5%-ile) and the fact that Sam doesn't like to/know how to eat my mouth.

They know their letters, upper and lower-case, and have for about 6 months.
They can both count to 50.
They sing songs.
They ask for help sometimes, but try almost everything on their own.
They want to know how to spell words, nonstop.
Both boys can tell me how to spell their name.
Jack puts together puzzles– real, actual puzzles. Without a picture reference.

Jack, while he drives me insane 50% of the time, is the sweetest little boy– he likes to take over as "Mom" and tell Eli to start eating/drinking, and tells Sam, "Watch me, Sam. Chew, chew, chew." When Sam does something good (eating wise) Jack is the first person to tell him good job.
Sam has become ridiculously smart lately– he knows the names of things I am pretty sure I have never told him, and he is finally starting to do imaginative play. Not only that, but he is still progressing with eating– last night he held half a cookie in his hand for over 45 minutes, and he ate about 20% of it. Same thing with a PB&J today at lunch 🙂
They love their little brother. They attempt to help him, but mostly just like to play with him (well, half of the time). Eli has been so great for them– physically, he is pretty much at their level, and seeing Eli be adventurous and climb things has made them more adventurous too.
Here is what a night at the Stibbe house looks like 🙂

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