Fall 2013 Recap

With 3 young boys, a husband who is gone a lot, and our crazy, busy schedules, it is getting harder and harder to post weekly updates to the blog. I love this one day a week where my kids can stay in their PJ’s all day and just read, color, and watch Dragon Movie (How to Tame Your Dragon), Princess Movie (Little Mermaid), Donkey Movie (Shrek), or Buzz Movie (Toy Story). I don’t love my children watching TV, but one day a week I pretty much let them do what they want. 🙂 AND, I get a chance to update the blog!

1. Jack had a Mommy-Daddy-Jack weekend!! We sent Sam and Eli up north to Grammy and Grandpa Stibbe’s lake cabin for a 3-day weekend. Jack relished his time alone with us. He is our most emotional child, and while that also means he is the sweetest thing you’ve ever met, it can be hard dealing with a kid who feels left out and overlooked. He’s not the baby, and he doesn’t require special attention. We try our hardest to give him equal amount of energy and attention, but it’s hard. Jack had so much fun picking out his fro-yo, eating pizza on the floor, going to the zoo with Daddy, and eating more pizza at a local pizza parlor 🙂




2. During Mommy-Daddy-Jack weekend, our good friend Mike visited Omaha to see his girlfriend Shelly. The 4 of us went out to dinner and drinks. It was so much fun being together again! Adam and I also went to Book of Mormon– it was HYSTERICAL. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.



3. Halloween!! The twins went as The Lorax and Eli went as a Truffula Tree. I made all the outfits. And by made, I mean I used a hot glue gun. S and J absolutely loved Halloween this year. We went with our next door neighbors, and Shelly came over to help (Shell even got into character as Ted and I went as Audrey). My favorite part was Sam– he didn’t want to hold his treat pail, so he would go up and say “Trick-or-Treat” and they would hand him candy. At the next house, he would say “Trick-or-Treat” and give them the candy!







4. Tyler and Amber came to visit! We loved catching up, and they are so good with the boys.


5. Uncle Paul came to visit! The boys absolutely love him. He helped me out big time while I had an event. He even got to meet the triplets 🙂
paul and boys
And he got a video of what the 3 boys do 98% of the time:

6. Jack started real preschool. Considering he’s not even “Real 3” until the end of January, we were super flattered when Miss Jamie and Mr. Sean told us Jack was more than ready for preschool. So now Jack has Miss Missy and Miss Monica for teachers and is doing very, very well in class. I think I was more worried about splitting them up than anyone– the boys handled it very well and only get a little confused when I tell Sam he can’t stay with Jack. Everyone at the Y is so helpful since our family is so chaotic– Eli is walking everywhere and getting into everything, Sam is trying to take off his coat and backpack, and Jack is just trying to find his name to “check-in” to class. Check out their awesome backpacks! 🙂

7. Snow finally came to Nebraska yesterday. Before that, we got in all the outside time we could. Eli is by far the biggest outdoor kid we have. He loves playing in the grass, and was super mad when it came time to leave!

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