3 months

Baby boy is now 3 months old! He won’t have an appointment until next month, so I’m not sure on height/weight. Here’s what I do know:

-He is very relaxed and easy-going.

-Loves watching his brothers play and has started to giggle at them.

-Smiles all the time.

-Has been rolling from tummy to back for over a month.

-Does awesome at tummy time–loves to look around.

-Starting to notice the toys hanging above him on his activity mat–grabs for them, but doesn’t grasp them.

-Stands on his legs for a good amount of time.

-Sleeps really well… Goes down for naps and bedtime (8:00) easily. The twins don’t keep him up or wake him up which is nice!

-Still eats about every 3 hours during the day.






*10:15pm (Adam gives him a bottle–5oz)

He had been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks until we went home for Christmas… When we got back we moved him from his sleeper in our room into the twins’ room and his crib. He stopped sleeping through the night then 😦  We’ve tried just putting his Nuk back in, but that hasn’t been working. So I’ve had to feed him, and he actually seems really hungry, not just “snacking.” He’s been eating for a good 15 minutes every night between 3:30-4:30. I haven’t let him cry it out because I don’t want to wake the boys up. We are probably going to try it this weekend so we can all take a nap 🙂

A few days ago it was just Eli and me at the grocery store. The woman behind me asked, “How old? About 5 months?” I about died! “No,” I replied, “he’s 3 months.” She was so impressed with how alert he was, and big. Considering most people think my 2-year-olds are 18-months, I was over the moon!

Here’s my big boy 🙂

Eli 3 month

And a look back…

PicMonkey Collage eli birth to 3mos

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