Painting, Hog Roast, and a Swingset

The past few days have been incredibly productive! Wednesday afternoon I found an awesome swingset/playset on Craigslist. $80! Couldn’t pass this thing up. So once Adam got home, we loaded the boys in the van and headed to Missouri Valley, IA (small town USA). The family selling it was incredibly sweet, and we almost felt bad taking it from them! One of their little girls followed us to the van as we were leaving and asked if she could come and play with us 😦  Adam set up the swingset today, and now we just need to get 2 swings and we’ll be set!

Thursday afternoon my dad and Krysta arrived in Omaha to help us paint the new nursery. And by help, I mean they did all the work. It looks FANTASTIC. The room was already painted the same gray as the boys’ room, so they painted the trim white. Right now my plan is to accent with bright yellow and turquiose. Still gender neutral. Thank you both so much for coming! Once the nursery is more put together, I’ll post some pictures. It will remain the boys’ primary playroom until the baby is sleeping in there full-time, and maybe even after that. We play downstairs most of the time anyway.

Last night, the four of us went to a HogRoast at a friend’s house. They roasted a pig, chickens, everyone brought a side dish, there was a keg… tons of kids, tons of food, tons of fun. What was crazy is that we were in sweatshirts and jeans!

To top off a great weekend, this morning we went to the mall (before it opened) to have Sam use his walker and have Jack burn off some energy. We LOVE doing this. It lets Sam be independent and forces Jack to walk in public 😉  I have learned bribing Jack with animal crackers will get him to do pretty much anything.

Jack even let Adam hold his hand! Never happens!

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