Fargo Round 2

Adam and I spent a week in Fargo for his first vacation of the year. We had a great time (as usual)! It was so nice to have Adam back with us, and we were able to see a few friends and just relax. Although I think we realized being back in ND might be even more exhausting than staying in Omaha. There are many things we want to do, and we try to fit them in. Plus, we stay in the same room as the boys, so there’s not much chance of a nap!

Sam and Jack experienced their first boat ride (thanks Grandma Peggy!) and we enjoyed the lakes for a day. It was beautiful out and made me really homesick… I miss MN lake country terribly! Next summer Adam and I hope to rent a cabin for a week (or have our parents rent a cabin… hint hint… 🙂 ) so we can enjoy the lakes for more than a day. Adam, Paul, and Krysta took the boys out in the water and after a while the boys really started to enjoy themselves. Perfect day!

Sam had his first major spill on his walker – we were on our way to Discovery Middle School to see Grandma Peggy and her co-workers and Sam was doing awesome. But he likes to watch his feet as he walks, and literally seconds after Krysta said, “Sam, head up!” he bit it and took a nose dive to the sidewalk. Luckily, no split lip/tongue, just a nasty scrape on and under his nose. One of the major problems with not learning how to walk “normally” is that he also doesn’t know how to fall… He just fell and didn’t put his hands in front to catch himself. BUT he’s getting there! He’s been making some great progress in the walking department – not only will he walk between people, but he now starts walking from a standing position (ie: standing at the couch, and walking to Jack/toys/us). Maybe another 2 weeks?!?!? PRAYING!!!

Adam and I also took the boys to TNT Gymnastics for Open Gym. Jack had an absolute blast, and I pretty much just followed him to make sure he didn’t break his neck running into the foam pit. Sam, as usual, took a while to warm up to all the new experiences. The owner of the gym, Nate, was awesome. He teaches a few special needs classes and gave us tips on dealing with Sam’s sensory issues. In all honesty, we are already doing most of them, so Adam and I felt pretty good about ourselves! I would love to take the boys back there in December when we visit for Christmas.

Perhaps the most awesome part of vacation was the NDSU Bison game. Our family is die-hard Bison fans, and my sister’s boyfriend Jordan is slightly obsessed 🙂 We tailgated, had some awesome food, and watched the Bison in a blowout victory. Grandma and Grandpa Stibbe and Aunt Sue watched the boys during and after the game, so Adam and I were able to go out after too. Let’s just say this momma’s ankles were absolute cankles at 1:00am… We had a great time with our friends Jim and Laura and Krysta and Jordan. T-4.5 weeks until I can have a beer again!

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