Dear Boys…

Dear Sam…

You can start walking on your own at any time, buddy. Daddy and I are starting to get just a little bit frustrated. I love seeing you on your walker and being independent. You stop and flirt with all the ladies, smile and wave. At the hog roast last night you just wanted to get up and move around and seeing the frustration in your eyes breaks my heart. Right now it’s just pure confidence– you walk between Daddy and me every night and have so much FUN! I know you can do it. Once you start walking, you will have such a great time. It makes me nervous actually… you are such a stubborn and independent little boy, and once you have full independence… you will be off and there will be no stopping you. I can’t wait. 

Dear Jack…

Honey, you have hit the Terrible 2’s… And wow. Let’s just say Daddy and I are starting to question what the heck to do with you! Hitting Mya, hitting Sam, and throwing tantrums several times a day…Ugh. There are times when it’s funny and we can’t let you see us laugh – like today, when Daddy told you to stop hitting Sam, you looked at all three of us, and then head-butted him instead. You are too SMART.

Dear Boys…

Please start TALKING. Please. Mama, Dada, ball, and baby do not make up the English language. While your pediatrician and all of your specialists say it’s “fine” that you aren’t talking yet – it’s starting to get NOT “fine” with Daddy and me! I just want to start hearing your little voices, and it will make communicating with everyone so much easier.

We are so, so proud of where you’ve come from and I know you will both get there when you get there. Mama just hopes it’s before the baby comes in October. 🙂

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