A Day at the Zoo

Sometimes, you just need to pack up the stroller and head to the zoo. Omaha’s zoo is fantastic, and while I’m not sure Sam and Jack really care about many of the animals, all three of us enjoy people-watching.

Monday morning it was in the high 60’s. SIXTY DEGREES. In Omaha. In August. My kind of weather.

To top it off, our final (big) summer project was completed today– our fence is in! Our backyard is a wonky shape so it will never be perfect… but to have a fence in– will make my job so much easier 🙂  Last week our windows were finally replaced. This fixer-upper is quickly becoming fixed!

Here’s a bump picture… I took it this morning so I’m 32.5 weeks. AHH! I’m literally Googling something every night before I go to bed as I think of it… Last night? It was How often do babies eat? I have TWO children. You would think I remember this answer. But here’s the thing– Jack slept through the night when we got home, so I had to wake him up, and Sam we didn’t even have to wake up… we just tubed him. The answer was 2.5-3 hours. Umm… oh. So when does one sleep? Things will be a little different this time… which is a GOOD thing! I’m just nervous, but if I can keep two preemie kids alive for almost two years… we’ll be okay 🙂

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