Fargo Recap

Fargo was awesome. Most of our time can be summed up with awesome pictures…posted below 🙂 And click on this link! My mom decided we should get the boys some portraits, and I am so glad we did!!! They were such little hams. Uh, so handsome!!

We went to the mall several times to walk with Sam (and Jack), went to the park, played with kids at Baby Storytime, and obviously spent most of the time outside (so nice to have a fenced-in yard… ours will finally be put in next week!).

Loved seeing a bunch of friends– not many live in Fargo anymore, but it just so happened that a lot of people were back when we were! Lisa, Becky, Micaela, Bert– so good to see you!!

We got back last Thursday. It’s crazy how fast 2 weeks went. Sam, Jack and I were all incredibly excited to see Adam. It had been way too long. We tried to Facetime most days, but there’s nothing like a big hug from Daddy/Hubby 🙂

Sam and his buddy Reagan
Pensive Jack
Clearly unhappy…Probably got told not to hit Sam
Grandma will make it all better
Obsessed with each other
Uncle Brandon
Reagan may be the most understanding dog, ever.
Cutest kids ever… 🙂
Jack giving Grandpa a dental exam
Hi Sam
Playing with Grandpa

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