Fargo, and 28 weeks!

The boys and I have been back in Fargo since Thursday evening and have been loving every minute! Auntie K has three weeks off from nursing school this summer, and that just happened to coincide with our two weeks here πŸ™‚

We were lucky enough that Peggy and Fred are vacationing at a lake in Iowa, so they drove up to Omaha to assist me on the car ride to Sioux Falls– took a lunch break there and then the 3 of us were off! The boys were freakishly good… And neither napped more than ~5 minutes! Each had a 3-4 whine session, but I would expect nothing less. 6 hours in the car sucks for everyone. Sam’s surgery on Wednesday went extremely well — they put in tubes and took out the adenoids. So far, no issues.

Friday morning, we hit up Yunker Farm with my mom and Krysta. Jack had an awesome time, and Sam… did not. I think his ears/adenoids were bugging him, and he was exhausted. So him and I made do with magnets while Jack, Mom and Krysta explored the farm! And we all enjoyed the train. What is it about boys and trains?!

New carseat!
New favorite trick
Somber train riders

Saturday the girls went to Leonard for a bridal shower for my cousin Shannon while Dad watched the boys. The shower was beautiful–my aunt Nancy did a fabulous job! Shannon and her fiance Josh are getting married in Maui in September and will have a reception in Fargo on October 13. MAUI. How awesome is that?! I can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it–I’m hoping baby will cooperate and I’ll be able to make it back for the reception. That may be ambitious, but I would love to see my beautiful cousin as a beautiful bride!

Sam and Jack have been enjoying the large backyard at my parents’ house. 4 dogs, a pool, endless people to play with… they’ve been a little spoiled and we haven’t even been here a week πŸ™‚Β  I’ve been able to see my good friends Becky and Micaela and get in a few naps. Being back in Fargo is awesome, but we really miss Adam. Judging by the amount of phone calls and texts I’ve been getting from him, I think he misses us too πŸ™‚

We had a little fun with sidewalk paint!

I love baby butts πŸ™‚

As of tomorrow I am 28 weeks, 2 days. The same gestational age I was when I delivered the boys… It is a very strange feeling. I am so thankful this pregnancy is going well– no complications, no stress. I’m not shoveling food into my mouth to gain weight in the hope that the boys will gain weight, and I’m not drinking 14 glasses of water a day in the hope that the boys will get more amniotic fluid. This time around, I’m relaxed, and while I still shovel food into my mouth, I only do so because I want to, haha!

Almost everyone I know thinks Baby is a girl, and Adam and I are still thinking girl too. We will be thrilled either way! Healthy is all we want.

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  1. Tonya says:

    You look amazing (Seriously…my bump is bigger than that now and there is no baby in it!)!!! I can’t believe how big the boys are getting! Miss you guys!

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