10 Things I Want to Remember About my Boys

It goes without saying that my kids are the light of my life. Every morning when I go in to get them, their huge smiles and giggles wake me up more than any cup of coffee ever could. I am extremely lucky to stay home with them and wouldn’t trade this time with them for anything. Adam and I make sacrifices, yes, but it is so worth it.

In my head, I’ve been keeping this list of things I never want to forget about this stage in their lives.

1. Both of you are incredibly happy little boys. Cranky sometimes, sure. What toddler isn’t? But I’ve never met happier kids.

2. Sam– you think the entire world is awesome. Someone says they have to use the restroom? You clap for them. Give them a huge smile. Adam and I joke that you’re like a little puppy– everything is the best thing in the world.

3. Jack– you are a very determined, inquisitive little boy. This also means you get frustrated when you can’t figure something out. Just two weeks ago you and I sat down to figure out a puzzle. You had a slight meltdown when the triangle wouldn’t fit in the square. But two hours later you did the entire puzzle by yourself. You are incredibly smart and stubborn– I love it.

4. The love you two have for each other is amazing. It brings tears to my eyes. I am sure other twin parents can attest to this– but seeing the two of you giggle, talk, and play with each other is like Christmas morning every day. There are times I feel that I should just leave the room so you two can have your moment alone! Twins are weird, but fascinating.

5. Sam– your willpower is mind-blowing. At random times I find myself thinking back to those early days in the NICU, and the first few months we had you home. Adam and I had several discussions about the special care you would need as a toddler, because it was almost certain you wouldn’t be “normal.” Well, you gave us the middle finger! And I’m glad you did. You are not only “normal,” you are exceptional. You eat, you crawl, you babble, you are engaging… It’s absolutely remarkable to see how far you have come.

6. Jack– the cuddles, hugs, and kisses you give to everyone melt my heart. While you are shy, you warm up to people after a bit and then become their best friend. Last week at music class, you gave hugs to 2 other moms and I about died! In a good way! I was so excited that you had come out of your shell and weren’t afraid of anyone. However, you always looked back at Sam and me, just to make sure we hadn’t left.

7. Your favorite thing to watch is Baby Signing Time. We only allow a 1/2 hour of TV a day, and this is almost always what you watch. It is a guaranteed 26 minutes of down time for Mom, and I use it wisely to make dinner/lunch/do laundry/etc. There is a little frog called Hopkins that you are both obsessed with — too cute! Sometimes I’ll just pop in to watch your expressions as you see the little kids on the screen. That’s my other favorite part about these movies– you love watching other babies/kids.

8. Sam– Even though you never sucked and don’t eat like a “typical” kid, you have your hands in your mouth constantly. Usually your thumb, but you don’t discriminate. You chew on your fingers– no sucking, so I’m not worried about teeth issues, but it’s so strange! You also love brushing your teeth, and have started to get mad when I take the toothbrush away. I’d love to hear a psychologist’s point of view on this matter 🙂

9. Jack– Your love of anything electronic is so fun to watch (and slightly irritating when I try to get my phone and you have a meltdown). You know how to turn on the TV, get to the pictures on my iPhone, turn on my iPhone, grab for the computer mouse…. anything. We need to get you an iPad or something. You are just fascinated by anything that clicks. At Sam’s doctor appointment the other day, you immediately found the buttons on the patient chair. They didn’t even protrude, and you just knew they did something cool.

10. Boys– I love you. I want you to know what every night when I go to bed, I thank God for letting me be your mom. I love watching you grow up and discover new things. You can point to your nose, eyes, mouth, ears, tummy…. You light up when you see your dad walk through the door. Dogs are the coolest animals in the world. And your twin brother– he’s not only your mirror image, he is your best friend and your perfect compliment.


P.S. Update on Sam’s ears– he is scheduled for tubes and an adenoidectomy on July 11th! That makes surgery #8, procedure #11.

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  1. Marne says:

    Most incredable family ever! I am privileged to know them! 😉

  2. Grandma O says:


    I love that word


    Not a word to be taken lightly. But it describes Sam and Jack perfect. Extraordinary. Not because there have been so many challenges; but rather, in how they have faced the challenges. Head on. Bring them on.

    It would be easy to treat Sam and Jack different from other kids; to spoil them, thinking they have had enough to deal with. We all know they had a pretty rough start in life. Why not?. But to spoil them would be such an insult. Think they cannot handle what has been thrown at them? Oh yeah? Try telling Sam something he has failed at. Just try. Sam who has a G-tube, has never put anything into his mouth by himself; he who cannot keep much of his food down, painfully throwing it right back up. Sam, who sits in a special chair several times a day for long periods while his parents feed him. Slowly. Does he feel sorry for himself? Not Sam, he sits in his chair and takes just one more bite even though he knows his food is going to come right back up. And it hurts when it does too. And Trish, you have to act like it doesn’t break your heart when he vomits. When I know it does.

    Sam, and Jack too, you set the bar high. Very high. You are tougher than anyone I have ever met. Nobody knows what you go through every day, Sam. Yes, Sam Michael, you set the bar high. Jack, thanks for being Sam’s best friend. The way you look at and idolize your brother makes me so proud. Trish, you, Adam and Jack are with Sam along his journey. You have all had to make sacrifices to help Sam get where he’s going.


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