Father’s Day 2012

We had a fantastic weekend. Well, the boys had absolutely terrible colds (more on that later) and were pretty miserable– but for them, that doesn’t matter, especially if Grandpa and Daddy are around!

My dad arrived in Omaha Friday evening and we grilled– Adam even made it home in time for a late dinner! He had to round Saturday morning, but once he was home we loaded the boys up and headed to Village Pointe. We were on a mission to find a pair of Nike sandals for the boys (for sizing purposes) but Scheels was sold out. So we made do with playing at the water ball (?)– I have no idea what to call it!

That night we had dinner at Old Chicago– and we stuffed our faces. Even Jack managed to put aside his eating habits of late to enjoy some pizza.

And Father’s Day… it was wonderful. We played outside, the boys had great naps, and forgot about their runny noses for a while.

Adam–Happy Father’s Day. You are an amazing father and do everything you can for this family. I know you hate missing out on so much with the boys, but you make up for it every single time you are around them. They light up when you come home and it makes my heart melt.

Dad–Happy Father’s Day. I am proud to call you Dad and have my kids call you Grandpa.

Yesterday also marked Week 24! This was a weird week –Sam was about the size of #3/a 24-weeker when he was born (at week 28) — so to think I have a little Sam in me right now is pretty cool/surreal.  My appointment today went great– heartbeat was 144!

And as for that cold? Sam has ANOTHER ear infection. This makes 6 in 6 months. Awesome. Took him to the doctor today, and we’re going to get the kid some tubes. His initial appointment is Thursday (yay for being so quick!) and I’m hoping we can get the surgery done before we go home in July. This ear infection is the worst I think he’s ever had… the poor boy has been up all night for the past 3 nights and in MISERY. This morning was bad– Adam was up early to go to the gym, and he even stayed home to help out. Sam was arching his back, nothing could calm him down… So I’m thrilled that he is having this appointment! Will keep you updated.

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