A Tide has Turned

Sam weighs more than Jack. And might be taller (I’m a little skeptical on the measuring).

Sam— Ht: 77.7cm (30.59″), Wt: 10.07kg (22lb, 3.2oz)

Jack— Ht: 76.3cm (30.04″), Wt: 9.843kg (21lb, 11.2oz)

Suffice it to say, I almost crapped my pants when I saw the scale. But it makes sense: Jack is a walker, and gone are the days of him being the most fantastic eater known to toddlerhood… He has now become a picky toddler who refuses to eat most of the time. And I refuse to give in and give him something else– that’s just the type of mom I am and always will be. Unless it’s too spicy or raw– he will eat what we eat. In the meantime, he has been surviving on his love of milk!

The boys were weighed at their NICU follow-up clinic. Infants are typically seen at three intervals post-discharge from the NICU: 6-9 months, 16-18 months and 2-3 years of age. Their last appointment is in January (they will be TWO!?!?!??!).

Jack tested in “Competent” and “Emerging” for all of his categories in Physical Therapy and Psychology. Sam tested in “Emerging” for all of his. The boys are still behind, no doubt about it, but the testing actually went better than either Adam or I expected. Dr. N recommended we have more services for Sam to help with play–turning on toys, coloring, block building, etc. Starting in August, we will have a teacher who works for the public schools come weekly, along with our physical therapist.

Like last time, after the appointment I got a little emotional. I try so hard to forget our time in the NICU and all the crap that happened subsequently… But it is a part of our sons’ lives and a part of our lives. And they are doing SO WELL.

Today Sam had physical therapy and Marne brought over an awesome new walker! Instead of being a traditional “pusher” it really forces Sam to walk independently–stand up straight and move the walker himself.

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather (until today) and the boys are loving their water table. I also have a pool that Adam needs to set up (because I will no doubt break it somehow) and have another, bigger pool that we’ll set up later in the summer.

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