Loving Summertime!

We have had such a busy week and weekend. Loved every minute of it. While being a mom of twins is exhausting, I love getting out of the house and doing stuff–unfortunately, we don’t do it that often. So this week I made it my goal to do something almost every day!

Monday–Sam had a follow-up with Dr. Moore, our pediatrician, for fluid in his ears. What are the odds that Sunday night he started hitting himself in the ears?! Sure enough… ear infection. His 5th in 5 months. If/when he has his 6th ear infection, we’ll see an ENT for possible/likely tubes in his ears. At this point, I’d just like him to get the tubes so he won’t be in pain and we don’t have to worry about the fluid.

Tuesday–zoo day with my aunt and cousins! Emma, my 18-year-old cousin, took Jack under her wing and carried him almost the entire time. UNTIL she got him to walk! People… this is no easy feat. You can tell she has 3 younger siblings…. a lot of patience! I do NOT have that much patience! Seeing him walking all on his own made me so proud. For some reason, he is absolutely petrified of new situations (more on that later in the week… unfortunately….). I have tried everything. Seeing Jack walking on his own also made me sad for Sam. It breaks my heart, absolutely kills me, that he isn’t walking. I know his time will come, but I feel that he is missing out on so many fun things because of it. And he’s my independent boy —  so I just know he will LOVE being able to run around and get away from us!  Here’s a video of J and Emma walking 🙂

Wednesday–Sam’s clinic at Munroe-Meyer. This week he had wet ground muffin and wet ground scrambled egg. The muffin went GREAT! The egg–not so much. In case you’re curious, here is an example of what this “wet ground” stuff looks like–

Friday–our first time at Baby & Me Storytime at the library! The boys usually nap about 10:30… and this was also at 10:30. I was prepared for the worst, but they did pretty good! The leader of the storytime was great with all the kids, and it was more songs and rhymes than actual reading, which I loved. About 10 minutes in, Jack was walking around and even started “talking” to the mom and little boy next to us. Sam was entranced with the puppets and songs–the boy LOVES his music. We’ll try to make this a weekly event so the boys can get out and see other kids.

Saturday–wedding! A fellow resident of Adam’s got married yesterday–we didn’t make it to the actual wedding because of the boys’ schedule, but were there for the cocktail hour and reception. Paul and Julia threw a fabulous party. The only downside–Jack’s 45-minute meltdown in the lobby of the hotel. It was bad. Bad. Nothing helped. Milk-no. Cheerios-no. Crackers-no. Scout-no. OMfG. I don’t know if Adam and I have ever been more embarrassed. Thankfully, the lobby was huge and noisy, so we could hide in shame with our son while he flipped out. Sam, meanwhile, was a rockstar and made the rounds with other residents and charmed the pants off all the ladies. Once the actual dinner started, Jack finally calmed down and was pretty much the picture-perfect kid. Go figure.  And I have to mention the FOOD at this wedding. Ahhhmazing. I had chicken, Adam had steak, and the cake–holy crap. Julia’s 20-year-old cousin made ALL the cakes at the tables. They were fantastic. Today alone I’ve mentioned to Adam about 5 times that I wish we had been able to bring home a few cakes–this prego could have polished them off in no time.

Like I said–Sam LOVES music!

Jack in a better mood with bread 🙂
Sam was taking pictures of himself with my phone!

Of course we didn’t take any family pictures… Duh.

Sunday–grill-out and pool at the Miles’ home! The triplets and our twins are becoming pretty good friends. It is so fun to have kids around that are the same age as the boys. Plus, they’re adorable. This time it was SAM who had a meltdown. Good lord, these kids are energy drainers. Once he calmed down, we all had a great time.

Expected another meltdown… they did great!
Ryann going down the slide!
Life with triplets and twins!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Grandma O says:

    The boys are so fortunate to have such sweet and cute girls to play with. How adorable!
    I LOVE the video of Emma with Jack! Emma is such a patient girl. So cute!
    I wish I could have been with Sammers at the dance. That boy melts my heart when he’s listening to music.
    Love you guys!! You have no idea how much I stalk your blog looking for updates! 🙂

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