Don’t watch Miss USA while 5 months pregnant

Nope… Not a good idea. Let’s just say that I am now more motivated to work out than ever!

We had such a great weekend. Friday afternoon we visited the zoo and met the Miles’ triplets, nanny Mollie, their mom Erin, and grandma Sue. The boys are much more interested in people watching than animal watching 😉

Friday night Adam and I had a double date with Mollie and her husband Adam. We had a great time and it was so nice to chat with another couple!

Saturday we relaxed with the boys and played outside. Jack is FINALLY walking outside without us coaxing him and it is adorable. Adorable. He loves being on his own… But we live on a corner and don’t have a fence yet. So a little nerve-wracking! Sam is still not a huge fan of the great outdoors… Must take after his momma 🙂 Adam had to work last night so we always take advantage of our afternoons together.

Once Adam got home this afternoon we ran some errands and then we all took a nap. It’s getting harder for me to sleep comfortably, so I didn’t last long.

Some updates on Sam’s eating– he is doing AWESOME. We are now up to 6cc per drink and for solids he is doing “wet ground” foods. Basically we let him eat almost anything-fruits, veggies, chicken, noodles- and use our food processor to make them chunky (vs. puréed). He does really well with the fruits and is getting there with everything else. So proud of him!

Yes, he still vomits most days. And it’s frustrating. Tonight for example, we went to Dairy Queen and Adam gave Sam a small bite. He usually does well with ice cream, and we always offer it because we want him to be normal. Well… He vomited it up, along with an ounce of his dinner. Awesome. I know he’ll get there, but it is so hard sometimes. He just looks so sad right after he vomits, but then 5 seconds after he is right back to being the happiest kid ever.

22 weeks!

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  1. Grandma O says:

    Your tummy is so cute!

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