Memorial Day 2012

We are back in Omaha after a great week in Fargo. It is always so hard to leave, and coming back to a month of Adam working crazy hours makes it even harder to come back… May was/is brutal, and June will only be worse. There are several weddings we will be going to, so the weekends will come fast and be really fun.

During our time in Fargo, the boys got major haircuts from Auntie K. They look like little men now! Both were troopers… The trick was to keep Jack fed at all times, and Sam entertained at all times. Now they bear an even more uncanny resemblance to Adam!

Adam’s cousins, Katie and Emily, and I threw a baby shower for their cousin Jenna. She had little miss Audrey Jean last month and she is precious! Just a peanut. It was great seeing everyone, and especially fun to hold a little baby again. Audrey is around 7 pounds right now, and I kept thinking… “The boys were NEVER this little!” Okay… false. When we brought Jack home he was just over 5 pounds. And Sam was just over 6 pounds.

It is so funny how quickly time passes! I’m looking forward to this new little boy or girl so much. Baby has been kicking stronger and more frequently.

The boys also got to play with Lila! Becky’s little girl turns one in just a few weeks. She is a spitfire– and the boys and she had a lot of fun! Most of the time 🙂  Becky and I enjoyed a night out– so fun to catch up with old friends. I love that so much time can pass and we still act like it was just yesterday that we saw each other.

My plan is to come back for about two weeks in July. Hopefully the boys and I can avoid some of this Omaha heat!

Some videos!

(Jack… sorry I was mean to you in the first 10 seconds. I love you 🙂 )

21 weeks

How far along?
21 weeks!

Maternity clothes?
Same as last week. Also, a woman gave me a bunch of her maternity clothes– I am so grateful! After 6 kids, she says she’s done 😉

Feeling great–and waking up less to use the bathroom.

Best moment this week:
Baby kicking more!

Yep! Just slight butterfly kicks. Still nothing for Adam to feel. 

Food cravings?
Not really. I didn’t have any with the boys either.


Gender Prediction:

Labor Signs?
Heck NO!

Mood Temperament:
Feeling great. Feeling refreshed from my time at home.

Sam says “Baby” all the time! Cutest thing ever. He has no idea WHY he’s saying it, but will say it when we ask him to! 

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  1. Jessica says:

    My twins were born at 35 weeks and the NICU was a challenge. You with 28 weekers…wow! They look like they’re doing great! Good job Mom!

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