Ultrasound Day!

Today was ultrasound day!!!

Everything looked PERFECT. Baby is measuring in the 74th percentile, and 4 days ahead of my 10/07/12 due date– all fantastic news. To give you a perspective, Sam never measured above the 3rd percentile… ever. And Jack might have measured in the 5th percentile towards the end of the pregnancy? Oh, and they measured 3-4 weeks behind my 01/25/11 due date.

Heartbeat was 144. I’ve gained a few more pounds and am feeling great.

It is amazing how relaxed Adam and I are this time around. I wasn’t looking at the screen in panic and calculating fluid levels, brain ventricles, heart chambers… Because everything is normal. NORMAL. It is such a relief to say that.

Both Adam and I think this babe looks a little bit like me… Considering Sam and Jack are duplicates of Adam, it would be fun to have a mini-Trish 🙂  We did not find out the gender… And surprisingly, it wasn’t even hard. It just doesn’t matter. Our bets are still on a girl, especially after the ultrasound. So, Baby– if you’re a Boy, sorry. 🙂

Here are pictures from the big appointment!

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  1. Grandma O says:

    I love you already little baby. Great pictures! 🙂

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