Week 20

I’m happy to report that both Sam and Jack are on the mend. Unfortunately, my husband is not. He’s working crazy hours and still finds time to mow the lawn and help me with the boys… All of this has made him super sick and it’s not pretty. So I’m selfish and have to say that I’m kind of glad the 3 of us will be leaving town for a week 😉 AND I hope it will mean Adam has no choice but to sleep when he gets home and feel better by the time we get back!

S, J and I are heading to Fargo on Wednesday after Sam’s weekly therapy meeting at the feeding clinic. That’s right– I’m doing the 6.5 hour drive ALL BY MYSELF. They’re (usually) awesome in the car, so I’m not too worried. My biggest fear is how I’m going to manage going to the bathroom. My plan is to whip out the stroller and stop at a rest area, then lay out a blanket in the grassy area (hope it’s nice) to let the kids stretch out while I do too. I’m hoping to get back to ND/MN a few times this summer, and I’ll only be getting bigger and more uncomfortable, so I need to find a solution to it now!

Look at these adorable kids…

And our typical night…

The baby is at Week 20 this week! Hard to believe. Here’s a shot of me last time… I was definitely bigger, and much younger looking! Ehh… what 2 years and a crapload of stress can do to a person…

Here’s me with only 1 baby in the belly! 🙂

How far along?
20 weeks! Baby is the size of a banana.

Maternity clothes?
I have been wearing a few maternity shirts, but otherwise can get away with my regular skirts and shorts (mainly because they’re athletic shorts).

Feeling great, but waking up to use the bathroom at least twice a night.

Best moment this week:
Narrowing down our name list, only to add a few more to it yesterday! (no, we won’t be sharing the potential names–but I can tell you right now we have 8 potential boys names and only 4 girls names)  |  Also– this morning I had a total pregnancy brain incident. I made muffins, and popped them in the oven, all ready to enjoy for breakfast (such a good homemaker)! Took them out…. and thought, “Hmm… these are really flat.” Well, that’s because I forgot to put in the FLOUR!

Yep! Just slight butterfly kicks. Still nothing for Adam to feel. 

Food cravings?
Not really. I didn’t have any with the boys either.


Gender Prediction:

Labor Signs?
Heck NO!

Mood Temperament:
Feeling great. Ready to go on vacation though!

HALFWAY! It’s crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Grandma O says:

    We’re so excited to see you and the boys! I LOVE the picture of the boys brushing their teeth. It’s funny to me how much they love their toothbrushes!

  2. Marsha Moen says:

    Hi, I just love to read your updates and see all your pictures. Makes me smile, and wonder how do you have time to sit at a computer. I love the toothbrushes too. Never thought of giving the kids a toothbrush in the tub. Hope you are having a great vacation in Fargo, I got to see the boys when they were with Gr. and Gr. Stibbe. They are adorable and very busy little guys. So glad you pregnancy is going so well, don’t think you have time to be sick. Hope Adam gets recovered while you are away and have a safe trip back home.
    Marsha Moen

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