Mother’s Day 2012

Today has been absolutely wonderful. The boys let me sleep in until 8:00am, and Adam had already gotten up and left for the store to grab some stuff for brunch! Sam and Jack gave me a wonderful Mother’s Day card and Adam surprised me with an AWESOME gift– a cleaning service!!! Yes, you can all be jealous of me for having him as my husband 😉 So far today, I’ve slept (a lot), taken a walk with the family, read my book (the 3rd Shades of Grey), and played with the kids on the porch. Nothing better.

A few days ago we went to the park, and because neither Sam nor Jack was into the swings (weird), I decided to throw them in the grass for an impromptu photo shoot. That didn’t go too well either. Why you ask? Well… Sam has a double ear infection (AGAIN), and they BOTH have hand, foot and mouth– considering we rarely go anywhere and they’re not in daycare, I was not too happy about this! Fevers, crying, not wanting to eat… the last 2 days were kind of terrible. Luckily, they are back to normal today, minus a few rash areas.

Week 19 / Mother’s Day 2012

How far along?
19 weeks!

Maternity clothes?
Not yet. I’m pretty lucky in that most days I wear comfy clothes anyway. I’m also a lover of maxi dresses!

Getting plenty and not uncomfortable yet! Just the boys being sick has gotten in the way of a full night.

Best moment this week:
Felt baby move for the 1st time this week!

See above.

Food cravings?
Not really. I didn’t have any with the boys either.

Yep! Although it still looks a little bit like I’ve just let myself go vs. being pregnant!

Gender Prediction:
Girl. Last week it was a boy, so who knows!

Labor Signs?
Heck NO!

Mood Temperament:
Overall, pretty happy! I have to admit, with the boys being sick this week, I did have a few headaches and pity parties that Adam doesn’t have a “typical” job.

Feeling baby move!

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  1. Randy & Nancy says:

    Happy Mothers Day, Trish! Sounds like you had a great one. Such cute pictures. Love the ones of you and the boys and the one where they are looking out onto the street! Hope the boys are both feeling much better.
    Take Care. Hugs…..Nancy

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