18 months and 18 weeks

My baby boys are 18-months-old! Where has time gone? Today was their appointment and it went well… Okay, they cried the entire time for the nurse and medical student, but as soon as Dr. Moore came in they were all smiles. Love that Dr. Moore!

Our biggest concern for the boys is their speech, or lack thereof… Both boys say Mama, Dada, and Ba (ball), but not much else. Thankfully, Dr. Moore wasn’t worried at all and told me that as long as they babble, follow directions, and try to communicate with us, they will be talking in no time.

Height– 29″ (0.34%)
Weight– 20lb 6.6oz (1.30%)
Head circ– 45cm (1.69%)

Height– 30″ (3.09%)
Weight– 20lb 14oz (2.20%)
Head circ– 46cm (8.76%)

To reward the boys for their bravery, Uncle Paul and I took them to the zoo! They loved the fish and penguins 🙂








This week marks Week 18 of pregnancy! It is going so fast this time. To be honest, it really does feel completely different. With two toddlers, life is crazy enough. I don’t have time to sit and dwell on this pregnancy, or stress out about it. But when I take the time to really think about what this will mean to our family, I’m so excited and beyond happy! This will be so much fun, and a whole lot of crazy 🙂

And some adorable pictures of the boys (FYI–in the first set of pictures, Jack is in yellow. The second set Sam is in yellow. Sometimes I forget who was wearing what after nap time!)…

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  1. Grandma O says:

    I have to admit this is the 50th time I’ve looked at this post.
    Love you cuties!

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