Sick House, Crazy House

The past week, the boys have had HORRIBLE colds. Imagine 2 raspy, coughing, snotting, miserable boys that can’t communicate what hurts and when… breaks my heart! We haven’t slept through the night for several nights now, and being that rarely happens… I am exhausted this weekend!

Despite being on their deathbed (as Adam has assured me… they are men after all ;)), the boys have been crazy lately! Our house has become so much fun. Jack is not only walking, but walking well. Finally! He walked like Frankenstein for about two weeks. While he still prefers crawling when he needs to get somewhere quick, standing up at random times and just starting to walk has become a new favorite way to get attention and applause.

Mr. Sam? Let’s discuss what he’s been up to…

  • pulling himself up!! All by himself!!
  • brushing his teeth– for a kid that doesn’t self-feed, this is HUGE.
  • walking on his walker without dragging his right foot!
  • CRUISING!!! no, seriously. Cruising!

Here are some videos of our lives lately… Have a great weekend! It’s going to be HOT in Omaha!

side note: our walls look ridiculously green in these videos. And while they are a pretty obnoxious shade of green, I promise–we do not live in a neon world. AND they will be painted this summer! 🙂

 side note #2–does anyone actually like the sound of their own voice?! Ack!

 **notice the BALL in his MOUTH!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Grandma O says:

    ADORABLE videos, thanks for posting. Hope they both feel better soon.
    Love the boys and miss them so much!

  2. Randy & Nancy says:

    Such cute videos. So fun to see the boys on the move. Hope they are on their way to feeling much better. Take Care. Love to all…Nancy

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