We have been busy. And it’s been great! But along with being busy comes neglecting my blog…. Which is the boys’ scrapbook/baby book/memory book, so I have to apologize to future them 🙂 But we’ve been having lots of fun!

Last Saturday Adam and I took the boys to an infant swim class– so, so much fun! Okay, to be honest… Sam had about as much fun as I would have hanging out with a group of drunk frat boys, but Jack had fun! Sam and I stayed on one end of the pool so we wouldn’t disrupt the rest of the group, but Adam and Jack were champs. The only part he didn’t like was going down the slide (not a shocker there… while that was the only thing Sam liked!). We have wanted to get the boys in swimming lessons forever, but there needs to be 2 parents for 2 kids. Adam’s schedule doesn’t exactly allow this… so we’re probably going to have to wait until he starts Radiology. They looked so cute in their swim trunks!

The weather here has been beautiful. On Friday the boys and I met up with my friend Melissa and her two boys (Beckett and Asher) at the zoo! I’m not sure the boys were completely in love with it, but they definitely enjoyed people watching.

On Saturday we celebrated St. Patricks Day over at Shelly’s. The boys were the stars of the show (obviously), and made a lot of new friends. There was also a ginormous Great Dane there…. already 100+ lbs and expected to gain another 100+ lbs! The boys were enamored… There was also a teeny little 2 lb puppy there, but I didn’t get any pictures! Sam and Macy (the pup) had a little love fest. That boy loves his dogs!

Adam has been awesome lately and stepped up to the plate to be Super Dad and Super Husband. Sam and I both have terrible colds, and yesterday I couldn’t take it any more. I HAD to sleep. So… sleep I did. For 4+ hours! And still managed to fall asleep by 10:15 last night. So a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful husband! Who, by the way, also volunteered to come with me to shop for summer clothes for the boys this morning. Umm… he’s pretty great.

In other Stibbe family news, we had to say good-bye to Sam’s student PT on Friday 😦  Amanda was with us for 12 weeks and she was wonderful! She will do great in her future career. We have a great team working with us, and she will be missed.

Sam–working on getting into a stand. He’s mastered crawling and tries super hard to get into a stand by himself, but isn’t quite there yet.

Jack–still not walking, but took a step all by himself the other day! And was petrified.

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