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  1. Grandma Laurie says:

    Sweet pictures, it’s so cute to see the boys swinging together.

    I love Sam’s thick, long hair! There is something about that first haircut that is so hard on a parent. Whenever you decide to do it, be sure to take a video. Or, maybe, Auntie K can cut his hair? She did a great job cutting her own hair when she was little. I think we’re still finding pieces of it in the furniture. 🙂

  2. Erin Miles says:

    I cannot believe how much they look alike in these pictures! You have two very sweet and adorable little men on your hands – watch out ladies! This makes me want to head to the park!

  3. Auntie Brenda says:

    I think Great Auntie Nola or Great Auntie Brenda should have the honors of giving first haircuts:) Squeeze and kiss the boys from us.
    Love, Auntie Brenda

  4. Marne says:

    Two amazing young boys that I get the pleasure of playing with! Thank you for the opportunity to do so 😉

  5. tracy says:

    they are sooooo sweet! how cute!

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