I’m not used to being away from my blog this long! We’ve had a fun, busy last few weeks.

Last weekend our friends Matt and Nikki came to Omaha because Matt’s brother was playing a hockey game–he plays for the Gophers (and they won both nights! Woo hoo!). Friday night Shelly, S & J, Matt, Nikki and me went to a big fish fry– it was my first one ever (and I grew up Catholic… what?!), and it was awesome! The boys loved taking it all in. And Jack enjoyed some of Matt’s ice cream 🙂 Poor Adam had to work late, so he didn’t make it out.

Saturday afternoon Peggy arrived and was our babysitter for the rest of the day! The girls all went shopping downtown and caught up. While it was awesome seeing Matt and Nikki again, it really made me miss our old group of friends! T-4 (or 5) years! Saturday night we had an early dinner at Roja with the boys (Adam, Matt, and Anders) and then we all went to the hockey game. Matt’s brother Kyle had an awesome game– 2 goals and 1 assist. We went out in downtown Saturday night and it was so weird to be out among the rest of the world again. Bar hopping isn’t the same when you’re a mother of two as it was when I was 22!

Peggy stayed until Tuesday, and my sister came to Omaha on Monday! We all had a great time together.

Everyone was so excited to see Sam crawl in person. And Jack is getting braver and braver when it comes to walking on his own. He’s actually not afraid of the walker we have anymore, and is only using our index finger to help him. So exciting! Sam’s Occupational Therapist came on Friday along with our usual Physical Therapists and she said, “It’s like he’s been crawling for months!”

Adam is working nights in March, so our weekends are very low key. He tries to be a regular human being and stay awake during the day, but then he’s totally off during the week. We have been able to fit in a few naps (I won’t complain), and also get out and have some nice walks.

Friday night I managed to take the boys to Lincoln to see some of my family (my mom’s brother Dave, his wife Stef, and their 4 kids). Aaand…. we had our first major meltdown. Horrible. Both boys screamed and cried for about 15 minutes when we got inside their house. Totally embarrassed, but hey… nothing you can do. We tried to find “the toy” that would calm them down, and my cousin Mary won by finding an adorable singing dog. Yay Mary!

Otherwise, things have been pretty great around here. Adam and I are planning a trip to Arizona in April and really looking forward to that!

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  1. Auntie Brenda says:

    So glad to hear and see the little man on the go:) Big Milestone! Hey we are going to AZ too. We are leaving Vancouver March 31st and returning April 8th, Easter evening. We will be staying with Marc’s parents. When are going to AZ? I’m soooo excited to see some sunshine. It has been so cold and rainy here.
    Tell Adam Hello from us. We know all about those night shifts, and the daytime naps too:) Marc only has 1 night shift this whole month. Seniority is great!!!! Send more photos, we need our Sam and Jack fix. Glad to hear things are going well. We love you all and think of you often.

    xxxoooo Auntie Brenda and family

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