Big Day!

He did it!!! Sam Michael Stibbe… CRAWLED!!!

Did I cry? Yep! And make him do it over and over again? Yep!

It happened out of nowhere. I opened the door to get our mail, and Jack turned on Elmo. I look over, and Little Man is doing a crawl to get to Elmo! Dropped the mail, and freaked out! Tried to record his very first ever crawl, but failed. So I backed Elmo up, and pushed play!

To say that this is a huge day is a huge understatement.

Adam and I have never told any of our friends, and only our immediate family the following. When Sam was sick, his neonatologist sat us down to have a “talk.” (we’d already had the “your kid probably won’t make it” talk, so we were really looking forward to this talk.)

Dr. N told us there was pretty much a 90% possibility that Sam would have Cerebral Palsy. If you looked at all the risk factors for CP, Sam pretty much had them all:

  • Bacterial meningitis, a bacterial infection that causes inflammation in the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord
  • Viral encephalitis, a viral infection that causes inflammation of the brain
  • Severe or untreated jaundice, a condition that appears as a yellowing of the skin and that occurs when certain byproducts of “used” blood cells aren’t filtered from the bloodstream
  • Premature birth. A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. Babies who are born fewer than 37 weeks into the pregnancy are at higher risk of cerebral palsy. The earlier the baby is born, the greater the risk of cerebral palsy.
  • Low birth weight. Babies who weigh less than 5.5 pounds (2.5 kilograms) are at higher risk of developing cerebral palsy. This risk increases as birth weight falls.
  • Breech births. Babies who have cerebral palsy are more likely to be in a feet-first position (breech presentation) at the beginning of labor rather than in a headfirst position.
  • Multiple babies. The risk of cerebral palsy increases with the number of babies sharing the uterus. If one or more of the babies die, the chance that the survivors may have cerebral palsy increases.

At our NICU follow-up clinic, Sam was pretty much cleared of CP!! It was such a good feeling.

However, there has always been a lingering thought…. He doesn’t hit milestones when he is “supposed to,” and doesn’t seem to care.

Now that he is reaching for objects, scooting, sitting, and CRAWLING…. Adam and I are thrilled to say we are no longer worried about it either!!!

I can’t express how much I love these two. I am so proud to be their mom, and now that my hands are about to get a lot more full, I better go double-check all the baby-proofing we did a few months ago!

And Mr. Jack is no dummy either… Signing “More” and telling us how old he is!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue says:

    Good job Sam and Jack! The whole office at Discovery watched your videos over and over until we finally had to get back to work!!!! We all clapped and cheered for Sam! We are proud of both your boys and their parents. 🙂

  2. Carol & Elton says:

    Way to go Sam!!!!! What fun to see you crawl after Elmo….Jack and Mya better look out now!!! How exciting for you Trish to be home and experience this very special day—I’m sure Sam will be showing off his moves to Daddy later tonight…..And Jack….what a good signer you are–you boys have fun chasing each other around the house……..Love and Hugs to everyone…..Carol

  3. Kathryn Kingsley says:

    This is so wonderful Trish!!!! I am sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my face. God is so good! Being a mom is the most wonderful gift ever, and I am so happy that some of your worries are diminished! 🙂

  4. Grandma Laur says:

    Sam, no boy ever made me cry the way you do. 🙂
    Way to go, buddy!!!
    Jack, thanks for being such a great twin brother, letting Sam get the extra time and attention he’s needed. I love your signing and how you can show us how old you are!
    Trish and Adam, thank you for the dedication and love you continue to give the boys. You work so hard to give Jack and Sam everything they need. Love you all.

  5. Randy & Nancy says:

    Three cheers for you, Sam!! Way to go. Have fun exploring. And look at you Jack – signing and showing us how old you are. Good job! Mommy and Daddy have many reasons to be very proud.
    Lots of love….Nancy

  6. Marsha Moen says:

    That is so great, I can’t imagine how excited you were. They are the cutest little guys. Your days must just be the most FUN!

  7. Jamie says:

    Love the videos! How exciting- so glad you can capture these milestones on video! Jack and Sam are lucky to have parents that have helped and encouraged them to never give up and try their best! Dawson was sitting next to me and said, “look at those cuties- I wish we could have Christmas again so I could hold my buddy Jack!” 🙂
    Thanks for posting the cute videos!

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