Stuff Stupid People Say

Sunday night Adam, me and the twins went to Costco to grab a few things. While debating over what type of bread Jack would like more, a man came up to us from behind and goes, “Twins!” <duh>  Adam remarked back, “Good observation!” What else does one say?! The man then said, “So, about 8, 9 months old?” We both laughed and he goes, “Oh, younger?” Nope… “They’re actually 14 months old. Preemies, and really small for their age.” Man: “Oh, wow. They’re really small.”

Other things we get asked and/or told on a regular basis:

  • re: Sam, with nG: “What’s wrong with him?” (yes, I actually got asked this a few times. Not “what is the tube for?” But people actually asking what’s wrong with my baby).
  • “In vitro?” <–Just out of the blue. No, they weren’t. And so what if they were?!
  • “Twins… that must suck.” <– Actually, it’s quite awesome.
  • “If they’re twins, why is he (Sam) so much smaller?”
Other families of multiples know what I’m talking about… Wherever we go, we’re kind of a freak show. It’s actually really fun to have people notice and comment about how cute the boys are, and hear stories about twins they know, and just compare stories.
But sometimes people just say stupid stuff, and it gets to me. Curiosity is perfectly fine, but don’t be rude!

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  1. Peggy Stibbe says:

    Sam and Jack are AMAZING!
    It is sad that so many people have no common sense.
    Do you want to know something else?

    Sam and Jack’s parents are AMAZING as well.

    Much love is sent your way to your whole family.
    Grandma and Grandpa

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