Christmas 2011

Even though last year was technically the twins’ first Christmas, this year it truly felt like it was their FIRST. Remember these adorable pics from the NICU last year?

This year, with the boys being big and healthy, my dad and I traveled to Fargo on December 14– Dad is feeling great by the way! When my parents drove down to Omaha for the surgery, they took separate cars. My mom drove back by herself, leaving an extra car here for Adam to drive back for Christmas. Worked out nice! The boys were troopers. We got back from Indy on Dec. 13, and had Synagis shots the morning of the 14th. Traveling after shots = good idea! They were tuckered out, and slept most of the way back to ND, even with the cruddy weather that made Mommy extremely anxious and kept Grandpa awake to be the calmest backseat driver of all time, ha! 😉

The first morning we were back, Sam and my family golden retriever, Reagan, had a little lovefest. Prepare for major cuteness…

Most of our time at home was fabulous, but the boys managed to get everyone sick with a cold… I thought their cold symptoms were just a reaction to the Synagis shots (really common), but apparently not! Sorry guys. Me, my mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend Jordan all got a pretty bad cold. Fun fun!

Some of the most fun happened when Jack started crawling! Like a big boy, not just backwards 😉 And pulling himself onto things, including trying to get out of the bathtub. Giving the twins baths together used to be so fun, but now Sam is pissed because the fun stops, and Jack is just trying to get back to the fun by escaping the bath. It was interesting. My dad was the only one home the first time I gave them a bath together in Fargo, and I shouted to him, “Dad, get in here! Jack’s trying to get out!” His response–“What am I supposed to do!?” (he can’t lift anything over 10lbs for six weeks). Me–“I don’t know, push him back in the tub!?” We laughed later… much later.

Jack also FINALLY started eating by himself. I played the Mean Mom card for the 436th time in the past few months, and just made him do it. Notice the handprint (and the runny nose, sorry) in the following few pics… someone was sleeping hard!!
And because he’s just too cute not to show at the dinner table… little Sam:

And then the gifts came… and other fun times. Since this is pretty much just a picture post anyway, let’s just look at how cute our kids are a few more times:

To help me out on the drive back (Adam had to get back to work on the 26th), Grandma Peggy rode along with the boys and me to Omaha. Thanks Grandma!!

Oh, and those colds? Turned into ear infections… single ear infection in Jack and double ear infection in Sam. Jack is also coughing like a seal and both boys have a constant stream of snot dripping from their noses. It’s fun back in Omaha. Who wants to come visit next? Grandma Peggy left today… Can’t imagine why! 🙂

But it’s okay… because Sam said “MaMa” last night!!! He can pretty much get away with murder now.

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  1. Carol & Elton says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all the cute pictures!! How things have changed from Sam and Jack’s Christmas picture in their stockings from last year!!! Jack starting to crawl and eat all by himself and Sam saying Mama–what will be next??!!! The pics of Sam and Reagan are so sweet and the one of Grandpa—-well—-looks like he’s getting ready to star in a Rocky movie! It was so fun to spend time with all of you at Christmas. We wish you a New Year full of love, laughter and much happiness. Hugs to all….Carol

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