Finally have a little time to update this blog! I’ll discuss Christmas later, but first I have to mention our trip to Indianapolis. It was the first time flying with the boys, and I have to brag about how awesome they did. Troopers! Grandma Peggy won a pretty big award and met her and Fred to see her receive it and enjoy some time out of Omaha.

Here are some cute pics









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  1. Marsha Moen says:

    Looks like a super fun time, and I am sure you are all very proud of Grandma Peggy. I think she is the youngest one in the group! We have a great Christmas with our little ones. It snowed in Wisconsin so that made for a white christmas and snowing here in Fargo today.
    Have a very Happy Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your busy life and awesome pictures.
    Happy New Year

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