Don’t Be Jealous…

Want to know what our New Year’s Eve plans consist of? Adam has promised to be home no later than 7:00 tonight, so I can finally go to the grocery store!! What’s after that you ask? Perhaps a quick trip to Target and then home to spend about 15 minutes with my husband before he heads to bed. Although these plans are a little better than last year–hanging out in the NICU. Which reminds me of these adorable pics from then:

 {Sam weighed in at 2011 grams at midnight on 1.1.2011}

{Jack enjoying a cocktail}

Things are much more fun now. And busy! Jack has me in a constant state of panic, although I’m of the school of thought, “He has to learn somehow.” So there are a lot of tipped over dishes, dog food bowls, and toys falling over. While it’s awesome to see him so mobile and having a ton of fun exploring, it breaks my heart to see Sam just sitting or up on his tummy just looking at Jack. Since Jack has started to be mobile, Sam is feeling a little left out. But both Adam and I agree that seeing Jack moving should help to encourage Sam, and we don’t coddle Sam at all when he gets jealous. And I do think it’s working. Between all of this physical therapy and jealous (for lack of a better word), Sam has improved so, so much in the last few weeks. He is now grabbing for things while on his tummy, and becoming much more flexible and daring when trying to reach for toys.

He’ll get there. Just like he got to so many other milestones… at his own pace 😉

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