We’re basically BFF’s with Tony Little

Being at home during the day allows me to watch my favorite show- The Today Show. Yesterday’s broadcast had Tony Little’s family story on- it is eerily similar to ours. For those of you not familiar with Tony Little, he is the fitness infomercial guy with the long blond ponytail. Here is their story:


My favorite thing of the day:

Pacifier/Binky Clips – The boys’ favorite nuk is their Soothie. There are so many other cute pacifiers out there that I want to buy, but they just hate them! My mom bought them ‘Twins’ pacifiers and Jack just spits it out.

One of the main reasons I wanted them to like the regular pacifiers is because you can use the clips with them- you know, the ones with the alligator clips that clip on the clothing. They don’t work with the Soothies!

So last night after yelling at Mya for ruining the 7th soothie nuk, I searched Etsy for a solution. And found these! They work with the Soothies!!!

**UPDATE** My friend from high school has a new little baby girl, and she gave me the following links for Soothie compatible clips –

http://www.wubbanub.com/ and


I am now obsessed with the Wubbanub and just added some to our registry at diapers.com 🙂

twin tip of the day

From my favorite book, twin sense:

Strategies for Shopping with Twins:

  • Shop with two carts
  • Connect the carts
  • Patronize stores with drive-throughs
  • Have groceries delivered
  • Get an assistant (in my dreams!)
  • Shop at stores with double shopping carts
  • Put a baby in a Boppy
  • Shop with your stroller
  • Use a backpack or a front pack
  • Shop at family-friendly stores
  • Put your baby in a sling (or two)

Picture time!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Grandma Laur says:

    These are such good pictures. I love Sam looking at himself in the mirror. It’s so cute.

  2. Rachael says:

    When we were grocery shopping this past weekend, we noticed a lady between two carts. She was pushing one and pulling the other… In one, she had all of her groceries. In the other, she had an infant seat with ONE baby. Good grief, someone teach the poor mama about babywearing! Thanks for the tips. Three under two is gonna present a grocery challenge, for sure! Good thing we have the older boys (pack mules). ❤

    1. stibbefam says:

      Make those older boys work! 🙂 Your house is going to be so much fun.
      And how badly did you want to run over to that woman and teach her about babywearing?

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