What’s in a name?

When Adam and I were deciding on names for our kids, I was adamant that we not name them anything we would not call them- I was going to have a Jack, not a Jackson because I would only call him Jack. I was going to have a Sam, not a Samuel, for the same reason.

Instead, I now have lengthened their names! Jack is “Jacky” and Sam is “Sammy.” I’m trying really hard to correct myself and quit calling them by those names because A. they’re kind of girly, B. those are not their names, and C. they’re so babyish!

Here are the other nicknames we have for the boys:


  • Bug
  • Peanut Butter
  • Big Boy
  • Fatty (I swear we mean that in the most loving way possible)
  • Jack Attack


  • Peanut
  • Buddy
  • Mister
  • Sam the Man

Most of the time I write on the blog about the boys, but I’m going to take a minute and let you all know something: this girl plans to start running! I just purchased some Nike Frees (thanks Dad), and they’re on their way. I’ve only said I will “start running” about 10 other times in the past five years, but this time I think I mean it. And if nothing else, at least I have some new shoes. 😉

So here’s a question for my blog community- who has any starter running tips? I need all the help I can get.


twin tip of the day

What are your favorite foods? What do you make that is great frozen and then thawed to use again?

Start making these foods! Fill your freezer full with thaw and heat dishes. Trust me, you will have absolutely NO time to even think about going to the grocery store, let alone making something to eat. If you have great friends and family like we do, don’t be ashamed to ask them to help you stock up either.

When we ran out of our freezer food, Adam and I began to eat fast food like it was our job. And we are not fast food people. That lasted a few days, and then I forced myself to make a huge list and go to the grocery store. Within a few days, our freezer was full again and we had nothing to worry about for another few weeks!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Auntie Brenda and family says:

    Hey Trish, don’t feel too bad. We used to call Madeline baby sister pork chop:) For a long, long time. I think Peggy used to call Adam, skunk. How bad is that. Glad you had a fun night out and a nice time visiting with everyone. Love to all. Auntie Brenda and family

  2. Grandma Laur says:

    Nicknames are a lot of fun and giving nicknames has always been big in our family, just fun terms of endearment.

    I grew up “General Lor Por”, sometimes “Gen” for short. “General” came from being so bossy 🙂 You were “Trish the Dish”, “Peanut”, and even “Trishy”. You hated that one! Krysta was “KK” and “K Babes”.

    I love Jack Attack and Sam the Man. Too cute!

  3. jovana says:

    Lol I like “fatty”, it is so cute and I know you mean it in the dearest way 🙂 one of our son’s nicknames is “baboy” which means a pig in Tagalog (my husband is Filipino)
    hope you stick through with your running goal, it’s hard to find time when you have a baby, or two :)they take a lot of energy…

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