Extra-Special Valentine’s Day

The Stibbe family is wishing everyone a very special Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mommy and the boys are hanging out at home while Daddy helps out with some cardio (heart) surgeries- how appropriate 🙂

Our first few days as a complete family of 4 have been wonderful. Sam has been doing great. We’re still having to use the NG tube, but not often! Jack has also been enjoying having his older brother at home.

Jack definitely takes after me and Sam after Adam- J is very active, never sits still, is loud (he even fusses when he sleeps), and attention-seeking. S is much more mellow (unless we are changing his diaper), loves staring at things (his current fave is a stuffed zebra), and is perfectly content being left alone.

Mya is in love with both of the boys. The first day she was incredibly confused with having TWO. She would be staring at Jack in his bouncy and then hearing Sam cry from the pack-n-play. I swear we could hear the confusion in her head! Now we have both bouncy’s set up and Mya has equal access to both.

I’m going to start something new on our blog… a Twin Tips section. Advice on feeding, sleeping, changing, NICU, etc.

Also, I’ve decided to join Top Baby Blogs- it’s a network of mommy/daddy blogs and the more people that vote for us, the higher up on the rank list we become. For anyone that knows me, I’m quite competitive- so I’d appreciate all the votes you’re willing to give! 🙂

twin tip of the day
Feeding- this is a major issue at our house right now since Adam is gone most of the day during the week and the boys seem to get hungry at the exact same time.
*Use your Boppy’s and Bouncy’s! Put the baby(s) on the floor or next to you on the couch and feed away. When one needs to burp, burp both.


love from Sam and Jack :p

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol & Elton says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!!! Just visited the baby blogs and it won’t be long before that #60 will be moving on up!! What a cute site–some very creative titles… We’re loving our 35 degree day here in Grand Forks and hoping for more! Have a great week—Special Valentine’s Day hugs and kisses sent your way…….Carol

  2. Randy & Nancy says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! You’re moving right up on that baby blog-looks like we can vote every day. That is a cute site-will be fun to read some of the stories. Can’t wait to see you and meet the boys! Let’s hope for nice weather. Love to all – Nancy

  3. Nichole Heinz says:

    I VOTED! Yahoo!

  4. Auntie Brenda and family says:

    Hello and Happy Valentine’s to you all. First I would like to thank you, Trisha and Adam, for this blog site. We have enjoyed following Sam and Jack’s story so much. We love all the photos of the “new” Stibbe boys. I’m so proud of you and Adam as I know only too well how much time is involved with your new little bundles of joy:) I can’t wait to see and hold them. Some good advise that a nurse gave me when I left the hospital was: SLEEP when they SLEEP. Of course I was 40 and 43 when my two were born! Enjoy and hope you are having fun with your little family finally at HOME! YEA! Much Love, Marc, Brenda, Bennett and Madeline

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