Back to Reality

We had such a great time back home! It was tough coming back to Omaha on Sunday…

The baby shower at Aunt Nancy’s on Saturday was wonderful! She is an amazing hostess. All of the ladies on my dad’s side of the family were there and it was so good to see everyone. Because of last year’s crazy December weather, we weren’t able to see one another at Christmas.

Everyone spoiled the boys rotten and we got some fabulous gifts! I’m not exaggerating when I say it took Adam a while to organize the car so everything could fit in before leaving Fargo for Omaha.

Saturday night Adam and I met our friends Dustin & Becky and Jim & Laura for dinner and then headed out for drinks after (I had some amazing H2O). It was their first time seeing my big belly in person! It was such a fun night- it really makes me homesick, but I appreciate all of our friends and family that much more when we do get to see them 🙂

We came back to a busy week of work and studying… Adam’s big test is Oct. 27th!!

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  1. Carol and Elton says:

    Hi Trish and Adam–So it’s back to work and studying for you—fun, fun, fun!! Was so great seeing you (and the boys) on Saturday–it’s been too long since all the girls could have a day together to laugh and catch up on each other’s lives. Next time we’re together we’ll be fighting over who gets to hold the babies—however having 2 will help that a bit!!!! Have a great week—-Love to all of you–Thanks for sharing the pictures-C.

  2. Randy & Nancy says:

    Was so great to see you on Saturday! Lots of good conversation and laughter! You got some really good pictures – thanks for putting them up. Will send you some of mine soon. Good luck on your test, Adam. Take Care
    Love to you all – Nancy
    Don’t forget, Trisha – I get to hold the babies before Carol!!!!!!

  3. Mom Oyos says:

    The shower was so fun and it was great to see everyone since we didn’t get to be together last Christmas.

    I miss you guys so much, I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when the boys are here. 😦

    It was great having you guys come home, Trish. It means a lot. And I can’t wait to hear how good this upcoming Thursday’s appointment went either. 😉

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