Week 25

Yesterday’s appointment- another good one! 🙂  Baby A is at 1lb, 10oz; Baby B is at 1lb, 2oz and finally appearing on the growth chart for their gestational age! Great news. More great news about A’s heart and B’s brain… A’s heart is looking less thick, and B’s fluid in the brain has stayed the same- thus, Dr. Barsoom isn’t really worried. As long as the fluid never increases, there is no risk of developmental delay. Our boys are tough! The only downside to today’s appointment… they were camera shy! I think they were just getting sick of having their pictures taken every week.

During the entire appointment, both the sonographer and Dr. Barsoom commented that they were incredibly active. And later that night, the boys rewarded Mom and Dad with letting Adam feel them both kick! I’ve only recently started to feel them kick (the moving has been going on for a long time), but could never catch Adam fast enough to have him feel. Well, last night was our lucky day!! It’s so much fun.

Tonight Adam and I are going to a benefit dinner for a member of the club we belong to, Omaha Parents of Multiples (http://www.omahaparentsofmultiples.org/index.htm). Here is the family’s story:

Fundraiser for the Bauer Family

The first of many fundraisers for the Bauer Family will be held at the Ironworker’s Union Hall located at 14515 Industrial Road on Friday,

October 15, 2010 from 4 pm ‘til close.  Carrie Bauer recently lost her husband in a construction accident at work.  The couple already had three children and the day her husband died, Carrie found out she was expecting twins.  Her pregnancy is very high risk and they have already encountered some complications so they can certainly use all the support they can get.  

The rest of our weekend will probably be pretty boring- Adam needs to study hard for his test on the 27th, and I’m going to attempt to organize the boys’ clothes. I can’t do much else, but I’m sure I’ll be making a list of “To-Do’s” for Adam once it’s Oct. 28th 🙂 .

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  1. Carol and Elton says:

    Let’s hear it for another great appointment!!! And these little fellas are putting on weight–let’s hear it for Taco John’s!!! So happy for all the good news….Feeling those kicks is so much fun for both you and Adam. We will definitely keep the Bauer family in our prayers–what a sad story–
    I sure hope everything goes well with her pregnancy and that they get a good turnout for the benefit. Have a great weekend–have fun studying Adam…..Love to you all……….

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