Week 24/ FaRgO!!!

The appointment yesterday went very, very well. Adam and I are so thrilled with the boys’ progress.

Baby A’s heart and Baby B’s brain– looking about the same, which is a great thing. No talk of any surgeries, probably just a few days in the NICU when they’re born to monitor them. In fact, by the time they’re born, they might have completely resolved their “issues” themselves. Here’s hoping and praying!

Dr. Barsoom also explained a little more to us why he thinks they are doing so well. When he did the amniocentesis reductions at the first two appointments, he created “fenestrations”… holes in the membrane. Also, he created a leak of sorts in Baby A’s sac due to the reduction (getting excess fluid out of A’s sac). This has created a sort of continual reduction, which has helped Baby B by relieving the pressure and allowing more blood flow to get to him. It’s incredibly interesting listening to Dr. Barsoom, but most of the time I need a Layman’s Terms dicussion w/ Adam after the appointments 🙂  If you can imagine it, my ultrasound images actually look like there are 3 sacs… one for each baby, and then one for the excess fluid. Dr. Barsoom joked one time it looked like there was triplets… I thought that was funny for about 0.2 seconds!

We left for Fargo right after the appointment and are so happy to be home for a few days! The drive went well; it was sort of our test run to see how well I would do on the Thanksgiving drive back home, and I’m proud to say I managed pretty well. Adam’s busy studying for Step 2 all weekend, but I’m an open book! Tomorrow is my first shower with my dad’s side of the family and I’m so so excited to see all of my cousins and aunts!!!

I’ll post pictures of the boys when we get back to Omaha. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Carol and Elton says:

    Hi Trish and Adam—So excited to see your update this morning–another great appointment–can’t believe how time is flying by and those two little fellas will be here before we know it!!!!! Definintely a good reason to keep shopping (if ever we truly need a reason to shop???!) I’m sure you’re happy to be in Fargo—we can’t wait to see you tomorrow–so much to catch up on when we can finally all be together!!! See you then……Love—C.

  2. Shannon Hendrickson says:

    Hey Trish-

    Happy to hear things went good for all of you yesterday! Also glad to hear that the trip went well. I’m sure your enjoying being home with friends and the fam. I’m sure your highlight will be seeing us tomorrow-lol! I don’t know about you, but going home is also such a treat for me. Love the home cooked meals, pampering, and mom’s attention:) Can’t wait to see you tomorrow:)

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