Week 22

The appointment yesterday went great! Adam wasn’t able to make it, and when Dr. Barsoom came into the room he said, “You’re so confident you didn’t even bring your husband, huh!?”

My sonographer Briana surprised me with 4D pictures! She was only able to get a good image of Baby A because Baby B is facing my back. One funny thing–for a while now they have both been on my right side and I could swear I looked lopsided. Then it started to kind of even out a little, and its because Baby A moved to the left! They’re finally learning to share 🙂  Last week they were both head down, and this week they’re both head up. Squirmy little guys.

The only rough part of my pregnancy has been the last two weeks. My back has hurt an unbelievable amount and last weekend I went out and bought a maternity support belt. I think it’s been helping. That, combined with some stretches/exercises I do twice a day.

Here are the little guys most recent pictures!

Baby B's profile
Baby A's profile

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  1. Mom Oyos says:

    Hi Trish and Adam. Great pictures, I love the 4D’s. It’s amazing! It looks like Baby A is smiling in the one picture. He must be thinking about his Grandma. 🙂 Little B was being camera shy though. Little bugger.

    Take care of yourself, Trish. I hope your back feels a lot better soon. You should use one of those vibrating things on your back, it might help.

    Take care and thanks for posting.

    Love you!

  2. Carol and Elton says:

    So happy to hear about another great appointment!! Hope your back is feeling better Trish–guess Adam will have to be doing the vacuuming and carrying those laundry baskets!! Love seeing those precious little faces close up–how exciting for you to see them every week! Take Care and we’ll all be waiting to see you soon—–Love to you all——-

  3. Peggy Stibbe says:

    I love the posting Trisha and wait every week for the update. Since they are identical I know what the Little Guy looks like too.
    Take care of yourself and tell my son to be good to you and give you a back rub.
    Love you both lots,
    The Stibbe Grandma.

  4. Jamie & gang says:

    Hey Trish- Love hearing all the updates and seeing those little cuties! Isn’t technology wonderful!!!?? I loved the craving post about the Taco Johns story. Too funny! With Dawson I craved pizza and milkshakes. With Josie I craved grapes and chips.
    Can’t wait to see you and that cute tummy of yours in a few weeks!
    Take care! Love ya!

  5. Mom Oyos says:

    I just noticed that Baby B is a sports fan. I that that’s a football with him in the first picture. I hope he’s a Bison and Vikings fan. 😉

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