Week 21

Another successful appointment! Both boys gained weight, we could see the bladder on Baby B (something the doctor needs to keep a close eye on) and the fluid levels in both looked great. No amnio therapy for Mommy today! Here are some more pictures of the little peanuts, who were called “photogenic” by the sonographer today <– very proud Mom-moment 🙂

In other fun baby news, we’ve started working on our registry. We are INCREDIBLY blessed with wonderful parents who purchased our cribs, stroller, and car seats. The “other stuff” is at two different places- Target and Diapers.com . All of the Checklists for Baby Registries out there are for 1 baby… I need to find a Twins registry! Some things we’ll only need one of… some things two… right now it’s just a guessing game and a lot of emails to my friend Lisa who just had her baby girl Annika in June.

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  1. Carol & Elton says:

    Glad to hear you had another good appointment — the boys are sure growing!!!!! How is Mommy feeling–any more cravings????? I remember eating Chinese from Phil Wong’s when I was pregnant with Jamie and we lived in Fargo—-Had it every single day at work for lunch and made Elton get it for me on the weekends too!!!!! No wonder Jamie’s never even tried it in 30 years!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in October—-Love to you all—–

  2. Stefani Bueling says:

    Hey Trish! I finally got on here tonight and WOW! Lots of big changes. Glad to hear you’re doing better now. You’re past the halfway mark – OMG! If you need anything let us know and we’ll bring it to you! When are we going to get together?…

  3. Randy & Nancy says:

    So happy to hear that things continue to go well!! Was fun to look at your registries. Grandma and I are going shopping tomorrow. Fun! See you in October. Take Care – Love You

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