Disney Cruise 2019-Part 2

Day 4–Grand Cayman

We opted to stay on the ship for this port of call. Claire and Sam had a ticketed event – Princess Gathering. We met four princesses, and Sam’s two favorites were there. It was so magical, and I loved seeing Sam help Claire and tell her who each Princess was. The women were so amazing with them – making sure to talk to Claire even though they (more than likely) couldn’t fully understand her, and answering all of Sam’s questions in full.

IMG_1186IMG_1185IMG_1184Disney Cruise-10Disney Cruise-8

I had also booked the Bippity boppity Boutique for Claire. It was clear about 15 minutes before our scheduled arrival time that there was no way she was going to sit still and let them touch her, let alone play with her hair. They were so understanding, and when Sam said “Well, I want a Cinderella dress,” they didn’t lose a beat and led him over to the Cinderella section. Once he had picked out his dress, they asked if he wanted pixie dust (glitter). Being the extra fabulous child he is, he 100% got glitter everywhere. Unfortunately, Adam was the one with the camera and he had disappeared with Claire by then. We didn’t get a picture, but I have plenty of mental pictures.

Day 4…. was one for the books. While our morning was pretty magical, Sam lost his mind the rest of the day. The amount of screaming, crying, meltdowns, etc we experienced that day was enough to make me day drink for the first time on this vacation. Claire was also just D.O.N.E. that afternoon, so we let those two just stay in the room and watch movies (every Disney/Marvel/Pixar movie ever made was at our disposal – it was the best of a crappy situation).

We attempted to put all 4 kids together in the Oceaneer Lab again before dinner. This was another dumb decision by Adam and me. When Sam gets frustrated with Claire (which happens a lot), he screams and oftentimes uses the “kill” word. Not great. Naturally, he chose to use that word and scream at her in front of about 25 other kids and we got called and told it would be best if Sam and Claire didn’t come at the same time anymore. I think we can both laugh about it now, but it’s a pretty terrible feeling when you’re told something like this. It’s just a reminder of how atypical our life is and how atypical our life will always be.

Day 5–Falmouth, Jamaica

We once again stayed on the boat. It was not the plan and I’m still bummed we weren’t able to explore as Jamaica looked incredible. This will just have to be another “next time.” It turned out to not be the worst decision as 3/4 slept in until close to 9am. Adam took Jack and Eli to Avengers: Endgame and I took Claire to the pool. Sam reluctantly joined us.

That night was the Pirate Party and we knew it would be a super late night. I gave Claire a bath and made Sam take  shower – they both took a good nap while Adam, Jack, and Eli enjoyed a pool afternoon and plenty of time on the AquaDuck.

Pirate Night was so much fun. By far my favorite night. Fireworks, a play, costumes, fun food, and a dance party. Claire ate so much ice cream we had to change half way through because she and I were both covered in sticky chocolate. I relive this night over and over when I look at pictures and it’s what solidified our desire to book another cruise, despite some of Sam’s issues.


Day 6–Day At Sea

Honestly, this was probably my favorite day on the ship. We did nothing and were super lazy and it was amazing. Eli slept until 11am, and we all enjoyed almost the entire day by the pool watching movies on the Funnel Vision.


Our kids were basically made up of ice cream by this point. Because Claire had not had a nap and Sam was being Sam, I took Jack and Eli to an Aladdin play. We absolutely loved it – when they say the entertainment is fantastic, they mean it.

Day 7–Castaway Cay!!! 

The day had finally come – we were finally at Disney’s private island! That morning we could get off the ship as early as 8:30am. We had been told by multiple people there was really no reason for that with kids as young as ours, so we stuck with our original pan and went to the Frozen Gathering. We weren’t off the ship until 10:00ish, and that was more than fine.


We had the most incredible day at the beach and the weather was more than perfect. Claire played in the sand and the water for hours, and Eli and Jack made many new friends. Unfortunately, all of this was followed by an epic Sam meltdown. We left our pride and dignity on CC🙈.



That night was dinner at Animator’s Palate. I haven’t explained this before, but Disney cruise has a rotation for dinners. We are given our rotation at check-in, and although our wait staff stays the same, where we eat every night varies between the three restaurants. Because of our dinner night at Remy, we only ate at Animator’s Palate once, which was a bummer as it was by far the greatest and most entertaining restaurant. The kids drew their own cartoon and we were able to see it come to life on screen!

After dinner, I sent the kids back with Adam to pack up and I ordered our pictures (I did the 10 digital photo package). The best part of packing the night before was leaving our luggage outside the door (with tags) that night, and not seeing it again until we got to Fargo. We flew Delta and they offer this service. I couldn’t imagine dealing with our luggage and an exhausted Claire!

Day 8–Home

We were off the ship by 7:45am, which was rough as we had been sleeping in super late. But otherwise, not a terrible travel day, although next time I think we will fly in and out of MSP. Layovers with 4 tired kids are basically my version of hell.

I cannot recommend a Disney Cruise enough, and the travel agent we used was invaluable.. Despite our issues with Sam, every single good memory beats out a bad one. We loved our time there so much we have already booked another one! (Which will also be a surprise, so don’t tell our kids.)


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