Road Trip 2019

The Stibbes (plus one fabulous nanny) embarked on our longest road trip yet – Fargo to Chicago, with a stop in Omaha along the way. (I’m not counting our drive from Denver to Fargo two years ago, as that was total hell and I want to forget that ever happened.)

Our time spent in Omaha was amazing. The city holds such a special place in our hearts and while the boys were young when they called it “home,” they still smile when talking about their time spent there and the friendships made. While we weren’t able to see everyone we love and care about, we were fortunate enough to stay with Claire’s best friend, Sophie, and her parents. I’ll let the picture below do the talking, as words can’t fully explain how much these two adore each other.IMG_0438
The Henry Doorly Zoo, as usual, did not disappoint. It’s incredible how much has changed in the three years since we lived there. It was so fun to drive around our old neighborhood (we lived less than five minutes from the zoo) and point out our favorite burger spot, our house, and let the boys tell us what they remember most about their early childhood.

Sophie’s family has an incredible backyard, and while the weather wasn’t great the first two days, we finally got sunshine on our last night in Omaha. The kids had to be bribed out of the pool with Chick-Fil-A and slept the best they have in months.  (Which worked to our advantage as the three adults were able to pack for the second leg of our road trip.)

Chicago was quite the experience for our kids. Their eyes were wide as entered the city and Eli couldn’t believe he was seeing “real skyscrapers?!?!” The Shedd Aquarium and Legoland did not disappoint. Traveling with Claire was not the most relaxing thing in the world, so we had Kylee stay back with Claire during our Legoland adventure.

The last night of our trip was to celebrate the marriage of Paul and Chris. Family and friends traveled from all over and we loved seeing everyone. While our kids only lasted an hour, Adam and I were able to sneak back to the reception after getting our kids settled with Kylee. Congrats again Uncle Paul and Uncle Chris!

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